The Hunting Grounds

by Kija
how to I log in??
In response to Xeta Dim
The server will go down on July 25th for some extended period of time (hopefully a week) as I won't have electricity then. We're having some remodeling done so they have add more electrical wires and such so my plan is to stop the server on the 24th after 6pm cst and back up the files then.
Is this game still alive? My brother told me it stopped running a while ago.
When will this be back up, i'm ready to get back in!
It would be nice to see this game back online.
The server is up despite the hub not showing that it is. Opening a location address 'byond://kija.projectwar' should get you to login to the game in byond now, as I just noticed the visibility was set to invisible. I changed it back to Public.

I think this happened when I tried to run the NameUpdater through the monitor because I forgot to rename the host file properly.
Firefury55 not sure how active ya are but thanks for having the grounds up and running its a blessing no joke my fav game on byond.
@AntiRawr Thanks. Most of us are on Discord if you haven't joined already:

At the moment, I stopped hosting the server temporarily because no one can reliably connect to the game. One of my lines is down. I will host the game again when AT&T fixes it.
Just wanted to say thank you for keeping this gem alive. It was one of my favourite byond games, and it's the one I missed the most
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