Dragonball Chaos

by Dtwon
Same graphics as some of the other DBZ Games, But more Immersive and different than them.
Yeah its me again, Dtwon. i know in the past i have ripped off ideas from other people and twisted them into my own version, and i have grown out of that. I am not quite ready to go away from a Dragonball Z fan game style just yet, but this time i am going to do it without taking ideas from others. The only thing i might do is use some of BYOND's resources on the site to guide me when i need help. This is the Final DBZ Chaos game, and i am putting everything i can think of into it. It is fan made, so it won't follow the story completely, and i wrote my own story for events that happen during and after GT. Most of the Chaos storyline takes place in another Universe Parallel to the universe in the Dragonball Anime. If you are involved and are very helpful in production of the game, or you are just a really active player, Your character gets put inside the Chaos Storyline and you get credit for it. Also if your character background is good enough we give you your own set of attacks and skills and your own NPC. I like the players to be more involved and it feels good to make someone feel important and wanted. If you guys want to help in any way as far as getting the game released, or sending ideas in, just e-mail me at [email protected] or just post on this hub, or just page me. If you do contact me, tell me your BYOND key so i can put you in the credits if i use your idea or if you contribute in some way. This game is going to be for all the DBZ fans out there, so i need you guys to speak up and tell me what you want! Its your game too!