Tree Transparency

by AJX
Example of how to make trees go invisible when you walk behind them (and a few extra features...)
Version History:

Version: v0.01b of AES
I scrapped the former versions of Tree Transparancy, and instead incorporated it into my new lib. It is considerably better written, better designed, and more efficient. I have only just begun testing, but so far I'd say this entire system should be completely viable for large scale deployment without any issues.

Currently, since I am not a BYOND member and I cannot create an entry for my Advanced Event Response and Event Request System, I am hereby naming it "Tree Transparancy V0.5 2.0", and uploading it here. We will pretend that it is a lib for handling tree transparency, and I really got carried away with developing side features.

The more I think about it I think AES is eventually going to turn into its own engine, probably called Aries or the Aries Engine. In its current form it actually isn't all that far off from what I would release as a jumping point for new developers.

I'm not going to include any further documentation on AES here, simply that if you wanted to see the new version of Tree Transparency, it is included here. Want to see it in action immediately? Compile, Run, and press the Scan verb. Enjoy!

Also, since I'm not sure that the URL format of this file hosting website will function with BYOND, here is the download link(s):

Bugfix; the fix preventing being pushed from behind trees had a ref typo
Documentation; Appendix, Version History, Intro changes, ER Ref,

V0.01a; First public release
Main systems: Bump, Click, Init, Item, Drop, onMove, iObserve.
Demo systems: Alerts, Bushes, Cooldowns, Movement, Plants, Pushing, Scan, Trees
Basic examples include: Lamps (iObs, Item, Volte~DynShd), 3x Items, Statues (Bumped)
Imported features: Volte ~ Dynamic Shadows, modified by A.J.

Old Versions:
Version: 0.4
Fixed fast movement glitches. Now they only appear if CPU level is high and mobs are running at 1 tick/sec
Concept Thanks to: Falacy: Got rid of inefficient for() loops and replaced them with masters and part lists.
V0.3: Made image handling only activate is mob is a player. Few minor changes. Switched to public release
V0.2: Added full tree transparency instead of partial. Fixed typo (transparancy --> transparency)
V0.1: First private release