by Devildude123
A game based around your ability to idle!
This game tests your mettle, you must manage what your character does while you go and do something that is actually worthwhile.

Maybe it IS a waste of time to play this game, maybe you WILL find yourself spending hours simply watching your stats increase. But what I know for sure, you will become an AFKing.

This game is still in early development but I want it to be played by as many people as possible so I can get some great feedback!
LOL. Nice... I would have never thought of something like that. If you need help with anything, I'm willing to pitch in. ;)
I've never seen a point in these idle games. But I shall wish you luck regardless.
gm plis
Thank you Xirre and Tag, all forms of support are much appreciated :) I would love any and all comments on what people would like to see in the game, im trying to make it an idle experience, but with added features to those who can... well... wait around long enough!

As for Murowko, why did you even bother posting? ANY staff positions will have much thought put into them as the last thing I want is people abusing powers. There will be a process for such decisions and merely asking for GM will gain you nothing but a steamy rant such as this one.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy idling, regardless of whether or not you see a point in such a thing.
Murowko, quit trolling. Go away. :|
so will i get gm
If you're looking for crappy games go play your own.
[9:21:57 PM] Flysbad: I don't get on skype anymore. [9:22:14 PM] Shane: why [9:22:21 PM] Flysbad: I quit BYOND once I got hacked by Murowko. <-- Clearly a troll. :3
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MisfitWarrior wrote:
If you're looking for crappy games go play your own.

ur art luks like production of crapi game plz let me kno wen neber ddone duen done*
Djken wrote:
You know who else quits byond once hacked by Murowko... MY MOM!!!

This is a pretty fun little thing to play around with for a little while. Nice job. I also like the way the little autosave feature you have in their works.

If I may make a suggestion, since Charisma and Level are bound together, you could possibly find a way to put the two together on the stat displays. Not that they're cluttered, not enough items on there yet for that to happen. XD
Oh! And after I got to the level cap and started working again, it still kept yelling at me that I reached the level cap and should get to work.
Cccel, thank you for your feedback! I believe you were playing the hostable version, which is not the same version I have. I already fixed that bug with the level cap and I will update the hostable one soon :)

Charisma wont be the same as the level soon, there will be ways to increase your Charisma further for even more features. I am of course glad to accept any suggestions as to what extra features CAN be added.

Thanks for playing!

(On a side note I have banned Murowko from this thread, I do not tolerate fools.)
Reminds me of Progress Quest actually.
I googled Progress Quest and I can see where you are coming from, would it be a potentially good idea to add some kind of randomized adventure/loot system? (I actually already have an arena system planned out, with more information released soon!)
It would be pretty cool yeah.
Seems interesting. Faved +
Lol. It's hosting on my Shell right now.
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