Space Station 13

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Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
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I am Sergentux, a french player. I am french and I have a lot of friends playing SS13.

We would like to translate SS13. Is that possible ?

We did serious job. Here are the games we've translated : (IG)
the ClockWork Hl2RP here : (IG)
a part of (IG + fan site)

We do it for free. Don't want money. Internet is a big community and we do our best to make it good.

We know a lot of things because we had a lot of servers on a lot of games. We had to administrate a lot of communities. One of them had more than 200 000 players.

We wait ur answers. Thank you.

Best regards,
The game is open source you are more than welcome to download any build of the engine and translate that.

You would have to host your own server though, But I'm sure that wouldn't be too big of a problem as it is relatively simple to do.
Ok thank you !
We are working about it and we are going to host a server.
This is awesome, thanks for offering up your time to make SS13 more accessible. You rule!
Hey !
Here are some news from the front.

I present you our SS13 team :

Lucas : friend since 2007, he know how to administrate correctly a community. In our project, he try to help us at translating and he play in our private server. Favorite job : head of security.

Rotkilleur : friend since 2007, he is a good player. He loves videogames and he likes to do strange things. He play a russian man on our private server. Favorite job : virologist/chef.

Nico : my brother. A good player. He help at tanslating and he know how to administrate correctly a community. He play the quartermaster on our private server because it is his favorite job.

Gunnmlastorder : a friend since 2 or 3 years. On our server, he teachs us how to make IG stations. His favorite job ? humm maybe head of personnel, or chief engineer.

Santoverso : a friend since 2007. He likes beeing the commander or the robotiscist. He is hosting our private server.

Sergentux : it's me ! I like playing botanist and sometimes commander. Actually, I play a russian man with Rotkilleur and we are building a new russian station on asteroids. I am translating the game.

If any french see this post, please reply. We are going to see if there is french players and we will contact them for make a french community, as they want.

We are doing our translations with DropBox. Also, we are making voices for the AI but the .ogg can't be read by the gmae. Do u know how to solve it ?

Have fun,

It should be fine with any ogg, maybe post your files and how you made them and we can look for a problem?
We record sounds with Audacity and save them in Ogg Vorbis Files. Only the game can't read them.
Tomorrow, I will try with an other program but I have to find it.

Other : I think that the translations will be finished this mounth.
Audacity is what we use :| Sorry, I hope you can find an answer

please bear with me, I am not a fan to reopen dead threads...

BUT ;)
Yeah well I am not a fancy French guy with a whole team supporting me and a agenda of x projects ...
But I did my fair share in translating games, add ons or scripts (like LUA for World of Warcraft).

So what’s up here? Can’t we point to a string file for several languages? I am asking me that thing for years now.

I know, I know ... things got a bit messy over the years in the TG Code, but hell since reopening the project on GitHub tons of rows of code had been overhauled and redone ...

SS13 is undergoing an uplift since years, HTML5 is incoming (although I hope it wont lack features, there are some rumors that the HTML5 Byond version will not support all features ... but I don’t know which exactly)

HOWEVER Player counts are rising and now is the best point ever to open up STRING files for all the phrases and descriptions wordings in the whole game. Yeah sure there are sound files ... but hell those are simple to “replace” and even now there are annotations for all spoken sound files in the chat.

But now it’s messy so translate the whole game. It’s like

TONS OF CODE HERE 01010 SCRIPT YADDA = Variable Player “is trying do end you life with a big” Variable Object ;8,1

So what’s the matter with opening up a STING file.

Hell it even makes your job easier, you can simply define Objects, relations and even spelling issues.

You can merge all the text doubles in the script
Also you can add up text counting and even grammatical things:

The Clown picks up _a_ knife
The Clown picks up _an_ unknown object

PLUS we can add finally a crossword Alien language system (just for the sound of it)

The “Nyaa Nyaa Nyaa” could lead to a cross dictionary system (like WoW in Game Language Translation) by counting word length and word check sum. In one hand using that we can look for a similar word length synonym in a given dictionary with alien soundings (so we can add up more alien words, that respond to the original word length) and in the other hand we can add up alien soundings in the destination language.

TEXT: Hello World.
Old Style “Nyaa Nyaa”
New Style “Nyaa Meow” British “Nyaa Miaow”

OR the use of Syndicate spells with other languages ...
OR the use of keywords for automatic gestures ...

So ... your thoughts?
Many thanks for reading my messy wall of text.
Kind regards,


Ca me surprend de trouver des francais sur SS13 :O
Est-ce que votre traduction avance bien ?
Serait-il possible que je vous rejoigne pour la trad ? Je parle et j'ecris tres bien l'anglais ;)

Cordialement, XeelS.

Vous n'etes pas seuls.

PS : Le site prend pas en compte les accents, c'est dommage.
are any of that chants that the game cultists say real?