Fortress Build

by Calus CoRPS
Isometric sandbox building game, where the player creates and destroys various blocks.
PopLava has been working away lately at the Fortress Build source! For those who do not know, any code by me from 2011 and downward is hell to work with. But he somehow cleaned it up and provided us with a nice update!

- Added 1-n keyboard macos to select brushes
- Added numbers to the brush overlays
- Added shift+tab to navigate backwards
- Added mouse selection
- Added undo previous block(s) (ctrl+z)
- Did some minor refactoring to simplify a few functions.
- Added map regeneration with flat maps as well
- Added compass that isn't all that useful at this point. Ugly prototype to see how it works.
- Refactored the ground block because I was seeing some buggy rendering behavior where blocks are showing a diagonal color when they shouldn't. It didn't solve the problem though. Appears to be a BYOND bug.
- Updated WASD movement to be more logical

WASD - Movement
Q & E - Screen Rotation
Tab/Tab+Shift/Click - Select a brush
CTRL+Z - Undo

* Once again, this update was ALL made by PopLava. I had no hand in this, so he deserves the thanks!

Less talk; More building!