Ever Echo

by FIREking
Ever Echo
What happened in your life? Was it all just an echo in a dream?
Use classical methods of navigation and listen to hinting sound-textures in your dream-like atmospheric state of limbo as you seek resurrection! Ever Echo is game about being lost and finding your way.

This was made in 48 hours for GiaD July 21 2013

Keys: WASD move, SPACE interacts

Requirements: Sound enabled for last level

Hints: There are 7 boulders that produce 7 stones. When placed in the right spots, the next step in your journey shall be revealed.

Version 4:
-made the mine hall way larger to prevent getting permanently stuck before getting the mine key

Version 3:
-Added multi resolution support

Version 2:
-Made the end level easier to solve on harder difficulty
-Fixed a bug where the window could appear smaller than it was supposed to be (Note: if your display is lower than the minimum requirement, BYOND will automatically resize your window to an unknown size)
I like this.