Ninja: Evolution

by SasukeHawk
Ninja: Evolution
Begin your very own ninja adventure in this fast-pased Shinobi game based on Naruto bleach fairy tail anime

Ninja: Evolution Team

Niti(Programmer, Pixel Artist, Skin designer, Hub Owner, and a Guru)

Niro (Arbnor)(Legendary Pixel Artist, GFX Artist, and a God over all)

Sisa(Pixel Artist and in a league of his own, League of Legends that is!)

Squigs(Programmer, Pixel Artist and a Legend who only few have lived to tell the tale of)

Loki(Ultimate Pixel Artist, and all of the above)

Mino(Host above all hosts!)

We do not take responsibility for any action of any hosts.(Except if the host was chosen by the development team, and has the official server host files.)

Welcome to Ninja: Evolution. Choose from loads of different clans & villages and play amongst your friends to try and become the strongest Ninja mankind has ever known! Become the Leader of organizations or fight for the sake of good and become the leader of an entire village, the choice is yours! Bored of Grinding? No need to worry. Ninja: Evolution includes many different features such as domestic living factions, squads, villages, a brand new combat system never seen before and much more. Warning!! If you are above Level 5, you are no longer underleveled & the real adventure begins.
Idoshen - Mental bridge
DarkNinjaNaut - Contribution of Pixel Art & Programming
Sisa - Contribution of Pixel Art
Squigs - Contribution of Pixel Art & Coding
ZeroTai(Vipez) - Contribution of Pixel Art
Lipton - Contribution of Pixel Art
Kboy33 - Contribution of derpy Pixel Art
Lavitiz - Programming
Viktorian - Programming
Destroior - Programming

Original Source Credits: Sphinxe1, Yutput, Reformist & Crazah
Theres Already a Naruto Adventures by Reformist
You're wrong. There isn't.
In response to NarutoHeroMMaster
NarutoHeroMMaster wrote:
Theres Already a Naruto Adventures by Reformist

Epic fail. Truly an epic fail.
Iconning isn't a sport, it's a art you must let flow
Sorry about the connecting problem. Should be fixed now.
still wont le me connect unless its only me
dollar signs on ma mind im thinking benjamin franklins , and that money that im chasen got me feelin amazing ...... dollar signs on ma mind im thinking benjamin franklins
Is this the test server?
What happen to the server when it coming back anyone know i REALLY wanna play right now
wasup guys long time no see minato <'.'.'.'.'.
WTF wat happeing to game were it AT!!!!
Be patient they are fixing bugs
I will But Flawless PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ tell me when server up and give me link k?
When the game back can someone tell me ??
...................................................................................................................................... anyone
oi, need a quoter asap
game still down huh?
We're kinda just in need of a host.
hey niro it's orenji lol
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Viktorian wrote:
oi, need a quoter asap

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