by Ease
A simple Pong game made in under 3 hours.
Until a second player joins you (which will only happen if you Host the game!) you have the option to turn on an A.I. This A.I. is imperfect by design.

This game was conceived, designed, and built in under three hours.
passed a bit of time but the ball got stuck in the top wall after a few goes, somewhere in the middle (no point in providing a screenshot because the ball would just look like its halfway between a shot)
Ah okay. Had some bugs like that an hour in to development but thought I had nabbed them all. I guess that's what happens when you rush programming like that. Will fix it tomorrow.
I have a question. If it's hosted 24/7 and you have multiple players online, what happens?
If nothing happens, I'd love to host it on my server. You can pop the game in and update it whenever. Leave up as long as you want.
At the moment it's just two players. Further players may only spectate. I will be adding SwapMaps shortly, and perhaps a tournament system.
Alright. Well, whenever you want, I'm ready to host it. :)
Still working on it?
Not had a chance yet as I've been preparing for an interview next week, as well as family issues of a sort. I'll get to it soon; probably Thursday.
Alright. Good luck with everything.
Thanks man. I've just fixed one bug (when the ball hit the Top or Bottom of the paddle it died) and tidied it all up (trying stretching/shrinking the window and be pleasantly surprised!). I can't replicate the bug that Bumblemore commented on (and thus, can't fix it), but I'm going to run it with two A.I.'s later for a couple of hours and get a log going.

Still got to get a Lobby/Swapmaps sorted for it though, and I don't think that'll happen until Thursday, as I'm super keen on the GiaD this weekend, and my interview is on Wednesday.