River Crossing Riddle

by Jittai
River Crossing Riddle
GIAD 2013 (JP) Entry
GIAD 2013 entry. All programming and art assets done roughly in 3 and a half hours (from midnight to 3:30).

The themes chosen were "personalization" and "collectivism".
This was amusing. Thank you for something just a bit different.
Nice. A bit too easy to figure out once you understand the object of it but still neat. I think a game like this would be fun, it just needs harder situations that require more thinking and more things to interact with.
Excellent concept. Completely different than the usual BYOND game. Like EmpirezTeam said, I'd love to see some more "levels" with some other old riddles/puzzles like this.

However, the alerts drove me crazy. It was a huge pain to have to click them off after every step, especially when I could tell visually what I had just done (no need to tell me that I rowed back alone. I already know...)

I hated the alerts too, I don't know why I didn't before but I added map-text instead.