Naruto Shippuden: Unsealed Fate

by Xavion_Zenovka
Naruto RPG Game
7/10/15: Added 50 more passives & finished creation screen hair and eye system
7/2/15: Added 15 passives for traits
6/18/15: Added Jutsu Leveling system
5/23/15: Added Basic shopkeeper NPC system
5/14/15: Finished Passive learning system
4/3/15: Fixed some design aspects of the Hud
12/8/14: Finished basic Hud coding
11/25/14: Tweaked creation system designs
11/20/14: Finished Character Creation system
This game takes place 100 years after the Juubi revival.

In this game you will find all that clans are not what they once were and that most doujutsu went near extinction...

Clans aren't something you're born into anymore as you will learn to work your way into gaining access into their ranks and secrets...

You learn to adapt to the world around you as a ninja as you discover the many varieties this game holds such as..

--Multi-layered Passive System--

Become the ninja you want to be no more being cramped into restrictions,roam free as you develop techniques and abilities you master.

--Craft System--

Don't wanna be paying 50,000 yen for a sword? Go make it learn the arts of blacksmithing and make your own awesome sword.

--Strategic Combat--

Fight fire with fire!..Err nevermind that won't do will it? well then perhaps water!. Yes in this game we have all sorts of this>that, pro/cons where you can use the knowledge of strength vs weakness to catch your foes off-guard!

--Real-time Interactive World--

Take a mission on that is given live! No more talk to a NPC and plucking weeds here no sir!.

In this game real time immersion is what comes first whether you want to sell some items you crafted to a shopkeep for some cash or want to go on a real mission to spy on another village to destroy their resources to cripple them from getting stronger the choice is yours but don't be surprised if you miss world changing events while you sleep the world no longer waits on you.

And much more such as...

Item storage via scrolls

DNA Modification and Implantation

Hidden Treasures,Jutsu,Scrolls,etc. all throughout the world.

So do I have your attention now? Good now go become a fan of this game and spread word of it so more people can get aboard this hype train!

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The Half-Screen