Turn Based System Framework (Library)

by Albro1
A turn-based system manager. Add-ons contribute to the framework aspect.
I finally had the extra time and motivation on my hands to fix this up from the shabby state it was in. I made some changes, mostly small ones, to get things working smoothly. (Check the _updates.dm file for more specifics) I also updated the Pokemon add-on, which I will be uploading to the hub directly after I make this post. The add-on is really what changed the most. I made a lot of fixes to that to (hopefully) get rid of all the errors.

I haven't quite done everything I would like to the add-on, but it is late and I don't want to keep you all waiting any longer than I have (A year, lol).

As of right now everything should function correctly. As for the add-on, battle functions completely correctly, however I did not add in target selection, damage (Which means you can't win a "battle" in the add-on unless you add it yourself or wait until I have this motivation again), or the arrow icon (To demonstrate different selection capabilities rather than simply highlighted text).

I'm moist.

This is great, thank you Albro for blessing me with this wonderful achievement that I can use for my game to enhance it not only for me, but for the people who will enjoy it. I truly appreciate the time and effort of all those hours of you developing this for users like me. Thank you.
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You're so welcome.