Poke Wisteria Online RP

by Inutaishos
Wisteria is a Roleplay Driven Online game that happens 30 years before Red's adventure, be part of the creation of the Pokemon League and change the story and the world as we know! Check alot of creative mechanics and follow the game development
Dumest admin for all times.(rofl)
I wa playing all day with no probs. Then showed up some guj and asked to help him, I headed to pokecenter where I saw him calling. He asked to teleport eevee to me then to teleport eevee back, I didnt know whi but I was in god mood and agreed. When we was done I head to continue train my pokes, but sudenly aperd That dum admin triing to make me reles my only eevee thats already ben evolved into a Jolteon. I sad that I only hawe ane and he banned me.

Just wtf?? Same was with my friend. Friend vas studiing then hed out to train poke and got baned.
Link to hees topic- http://www.byond.com/forum/?post=1357770

Aney way, I hope il got unnbaned and Leons stroms Acc whiol be off.

Btw, he muted my brother for triing to explain the situation..

And Sorr for admin abuse.:S And bad english.

Admin-Leon Storm (Description-- Realy dumm.:S)
No anfwer ofcours, Inu you propobly are cool dud if you make game cool like this, but hawent yiu thinking obout changing admins, cause thees are realy dumm...