by Developous
Now a hub for experimental rpgs....
Talk about this testing thing here. If you think it's good enough, You would post here, indicating that I gained a membership thanks to it.
Shh, I think it's trying to communicate.
You're hysterical.
Troll alerts... thought as much.
i don't think you thought at all
Oh hush. Maybe you just don't understand my ways. Every major thinker was persecuted in his time, and I'm no different. Now please keep to the topic, this is not Personal Issues - it's Cosmic Cadets.
okay developous you do that
Of course I'm trying to communicate, but just like in the scene in hitchhikers, it's apparent there is strife.

If you actually STATE your issues with the game, perhaps I will listen, but your just trying to provoke me now, so it seems.
first step to becoming a great thinker: you're*
I'm not picky about grammar. But I tend towards annoyance over grammar Nazi's, sorry to say(not attrition, though).