by Magicsofa
A Tragedy of Science
Well, I made a hub for my BYOND 500 entry... partially because I was sick of working on games for a while, and partially to keep myself from forgetting about this project entirely and moving on (I do that a lot...maybe I should update ASCII?)

Anyway, this is sort of demo-length in relation to the amount of puzzles I'm shooting for. I may try to enlist some mappers too...
I really like it (: , I made something similar some time ago ^^
Good thing you did too, very cool game, much fun, and i think it has good potential to be up amongst the top published games.
with a bit more of something.. or i dunno i guess some suggestions for how to draw people in terms of features, other than just game polish, would be better... so i'll have to try and do that soon even though i haven't done so just yet :D -then at least i'd have offered something substantial- so yh basically good job, looking forward to "more"(>.>) from this, and hopefully i'll remember to come with suggestions and helpful feedback.

Thanks! I've been quiet about it but I am still working on this, hoping to have a big update in about 2 weeks...
Ah ok, good stuff.