icon_state = "11"
layer = 50

src.pixel_y -= 30
new /obj/newhuds/part9(src)

Problem description:

The object does not change its pixel_y or pixel_x... any help please:P ?
Screen objects do not use pixel_x or pixel_y. There is a special format for screen_loc for pixel offsets.
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screen loc only places it by 32's what if i want it to be very specific like when using pixel_y we can put pixel_y -= 12 but when im using screen_loc then its either "1,2" which is going up by 32's
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i read it and i still dont understand how i am suppose to move it to a specific spot, can you just show me the line to get me started?
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Second and third from last paragraphs of the Reference entry. It's pretty damn explicit.
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yeah i found it lol i didnt read ur reply closely i didnt see where it said "pixel offsets" now i got it to work, thx