// DM Environment file for Kekkaishi.dme.
// All manual changes should be made outside the BEGIN_ and END_ blocks.
// New source code should be placed in .dm files: choose File/New --> Code File.

#define FILE_DIR .


#include ""
#include ""
#include ""
#include ""
#include "kekkaishi.dmm"

Problem description:
Every time I compile my code I get an error message that says kekkaishi.dme:21:error::invalid expression. So I double click on it and it brings me to this. However the major problem is there isn't a line 21 in this code, it ends at 20. Can someone please help me?
Why this happens I can't explain, but the error is actually in another code file. Maybe someone that understands the process better could explain why it goes to the environment file.
In response to ANiChowy

Basically, when you compile, Dream Maker goes like this: first, it reads the DME file, which essentially decides what is a part of the project.
When it reaches, e.g.:
#include ""

It sees "" is a part of the project, and it jumps to that file. After it finishes compiling everything in that .DM, it goes back to the DME for the next line...
#include ""

If you get an error in the DME, that's most likely because you've had an error in the last line of a .DM file. Then when Dream Maker jumped back to the DME it detected an error, so it thinks it's in the DME. Usually you should even be able to tell in which .DM file the error was by taking the line number in the DME that Dream Maker gives and looking at the #includes.