layer=AREA_LAYER + 1

Problem description:
how do i make it so that the usr's icon doesnt show when there on that screen but everything else does show? i.e. Objs show BUT your icon doesnt
to change somebodys view from their mob to a location such as skill trees and other places,you want to do the following

//First you have to modify the clients perspective and therefor which things are visible to EYE perspective

//then you can change client.eye anytime you want

client.eye= locate(30,40,2) //random location, use your own

//then after when they click the done button or want to go back
client.eye= client.mob

In summary, you absolutely do not want to physically move a mob in order to view character screens and such, or they will abuse such systems to avoid death and bug abuse. You keep them somewhere while they are looking at a separate location.
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umm ok i did what u said but didint quite get it properly here is what i got

client.eye= locate(52,98,2)
client.eye= client.mob

can u figure what im doing wrong cuz now it doesnt tele me to the skill tree. and it probebly wont bring me back
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Agrey123 wrote:
and it probebly wont bring me back

Yes, it would.

Read your code and tell me what happens after this line:

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You should urgently read the DM Guide so you're able to read your own code and use else statements...

Also, when returning the eye, don't forget to reset the perspective back as well.