Naruto:Evolved Rivalries

by SuperCoolGuy777
An all new Jinketsu that is bound to be unlike any other you've played!
It's Baccck! The Jinketsu, that so many used to play is finally coming back. It's in the process of some MAJOR Updates at the moment. These Updates WILL be worth the wait.


1.No Bug Abuse

2.Don't disrespect Players nor Staff

3.Don't kill new players

4.There will be Staff Applications very soon, so if you're interested, you will be able to fill one out; DO NOT constantly bug Staff for a Position.

5.Don't spam the OOC.

6.Don't spam Jutsu if it lags the Game.

7.Try to not Multi-Key.

Some things to look forward to are:

For the first time; a Mission System
New Clothing, Items, as well Weapons.
Large amount of new jutsu
New Bijuu System
New Clans
New Villages
New Organizations
New Uchiha Gene System
New Supports
New NPCs
New Bijuu Stealing System
New Organization Options
New Karma System
New Dojutsu

I am STILL currently putting together a Production Team if interested, comment, or Page SuperCoolGuy777

So get ready for an all new Jinketsu that will update regularly, treat it's players fairly, and be different than any other you've played.