Misuterii High

by MetaFrosty
Misuterii High
Who will remain when the clock hits 6AM?
omg heppeh birfdey misu
Random guy brings up why I was banned from another server, then I get banned for defending my reasoning behind getting banned.
I was considering coming here to ask when the servers are most active, but reading back over some of the comments I'm starting to wonder if it's actually worth it. I used to play Mitadake back in the day, and the Pyrce community seemed like an incredible downgrade - is this community *any* better off, or should I just not bother? Is RPing your characters generally accepted, or even allowed? Am I going to have to suffer through asshats who just want to kill everyone in every game?
RPing your characters is encouraged on most servers, but there are plenty of players (myself included) who are more PvP inclined sometimes. Hence, it's always a balancing act (atleast on fluid servers) to cater to different players and their various ways of obtaining enjoyment.

Overall, I think that this game is a huge stepup from Pyrce and will definitely have you feeling a little nostalgic if you ever get the chance to play on the Mita map.
If you're into the sort of community that acts offended about everything then sure.
Former Tumblrite, former Runescape player, current Redditor, I'm pretty used to constantly offended fanbases.
Uh, you know you're talking to a guy who barely played the game at all, right.
Don't take this board's comments seriously. Only the griefers and players too lazy to even create a forum account post here to complain. Basically, the worst of the worst. So, don't take the comment section as representative of the game's community.
That'd be pretty dumb.

That said, the community is much better than Pyrce. And much better than Redditroll. It's good for a BYOND community, if that even means anything.
Banned from the forum for sending someone a private message.


It's very sad to see a game that I care about quite a lot, more than basically anyone else who actually plays, go so terrible so fast.

Power-tripping children. Very, very sad. I guess I'll just have to start hosting again soon.
Ugh. You know, if the message was not a terrible harassment message, it'd be great if the moderators would not do that. Do we even have clear forum rules? If not, there shouldn't be any haphazard banning going on. Or, maybe that's the problem. Either way, Tanasinn, if you still have the message, I'd like to see it via ticket or pager. I think the moderators should be more careful, but maybe I'm just too nice.
No, you were banned for continually making serious false accusations at the moderators. They do not deserve that kind of abuse.
You are still free to host, as always.
Ain't false when it's something literally anyone can confirm using google.

There's even still BYOND forum topics about it - http://www.byond.com/forum/?post=1138568

You also really shouldn't say 'continually' when it's once, nor 'moderators' when it's a singular individual.
Except it is false, considering you were not around for the situation, nor does the public know the full story. As the person who actually dealt with the DDOSer and the DDOSings I can tell you firsthand that X12DaYsOfTeRRoR was not asked by anyone to do what he did, nor did he do it for anyone else.

That forum topic was posted by a player who had no idea what was going on, and was given false information, At the time, one of the owners of Pyrce High, along with their crew, was spreading false information to try to slander Cleaver. The DDOSer had his own goals, and they had nothing to do with Cleaver at all.

In addition, one of the conditions he gave me to him dropping the attacks was the public silencing of the whole issue. The full situation is under an effective gag order, one I wish to keep upheld as a man of my word.

While I doubt that discussing this should be an issue, considering he only started DDOSing heavily when they tried to blame someone else (when he would sit there on the servers and tell them "No, fuck you, I'm the one doing this you stupid fucks."), I'd rather no one here risk pissing him off again by spreading false information.
Multiple times you have accused several minihosts of goading you into suicide. This is a very serious accusation, an outright false one at that. I will remind you that nobody involved intended anything said in a malicious way, you chose to interpret it that way. Despite that, you were offered sincere apologies and support which you threw back in our faces (for example: http://gyazo.com/91582499f718f64da8898a2633c7724f) and then have continued to hold it over our heads since. This is emotional manipulation to a fine art.
We have tried to be respectful and civil but you have not shown any initiative to do the same except when you need to worm your way out of a punishment. We are under no obligations to continue to put up with your behaviour and it was collectively decided that enough was enough. Your dedication and contribution to the game was greatly appreciated but it doesn't give you the right to act however you want with no regard for how you treated others.
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