by Wanabe
Chaotic zombie shooting action game.
Biocrisis Version 1.45. Uploaded 31st August, 2016


Toilet Water was not properly showing
Heal Ally ability wasn't charging for interactive objects
If heal ally was used 100% in a round it would no longer recharge in any future rounds
Black Market section would not properly gray out items in the KJ Sub/BYOND member sections if the player was not eligible for them
Suicide bomber icon was not unlocked unless the player had unlocked the prereqs on the current server even if the player already had unlocked the medal previously
Barrier objects were not automatically dying after a period of time as intended
“Previous Round” and “Free black market” HUD links were broken
zom_volatile_super_expansion value was not generated correctly across all difficulty levels
Shades would not decrease zombies active when killed
Zombies spawned via certain abilities were not decreasing zombies active number when killed
Zombies could not walk through open doors which had taken any damage
Players can no longer push or walk on the same tile as a cyborg
Improved logic for Scamper waypoint leap, will always make it to the waypoint now
“No Ammo” status would not disappear when returning to lobby if the game had been won
Boss HP number layer was higher than the shop menu
Reinforce feat when effected by resourcefulness would base the initial resource amount on level 1 Reinforce level instead of current level
Accuracy penalty for dual wielding was being miscalculated and was actually massively boosting accuracy
Detox Nuke feat would still recharge after it had been used
Target Booster would not properly boost or unboost accuracy of nearby allies properly in some circumstances
Career damage statistic would go down when dealing damage to already dead zombies
Black Market global cooldown for “Super Boss” item was not working correctly
Opened Bulkheads was stopping the ability for players to be on the same tile if it was enabled by the server
In some circumstances it was possible to push a corpse mower through a hedge and then if pushed again the pusher would enter the hedge
Buying/Selling items on the Black Market was not updating the other black market items
When wielding 2 weapons that use the same ammo type it was possible to reload both at the same time and effectively get a free reload when down to 1 spare ammo left when starting the reload process
Shortcut keys for using feats were not checking if the player was dead
Clicking a button in the configure controls page before having clicked a button previously would spit out an error in the client side console

Guard Point would not properly tell its followers to stop following it when a certain amount of zombies get too close
Zombies spawned in via certain abilities could spawn invisible
Toxin Proof Boots was not ignoring damage properly
Weapon HUD status would have issues displaying its info correctly when switching between melee weapons and regular ranged weapons
Various optimizations to improve server performance


Apocalypse zombie incoming multiplier increased from 1.90 to 2.50. Difficulties below slightly increased to the new curve.
Recruited NPCS are parachuted in. Bought Cyborgs come in via drop pods
Airstrike resource cost increased from 220 to 250
Napalm strike resource cost increased from 550 to 750. Napalm Strike always fires 3 missiles instead of 3-5 depending on Napalm Strike feat level
Detox Nuke resource cost increased from 2,000 to 3,000
Cannon and Heavy turret feats are no longer effected by resourcefulness feat
Dual wielding requirements for some weapons have been altered. Minigun and Sniper from level 5 to 6. Crossbow from level 5 to 4. Melee weapons from level 5 to 4 requirement. SMGS from level 5 to 4 with an exception of the P90 which changed from 5 to 6. SPAS12 changed from 5 to 6
Cyborgs have maxed out melee passives except for Adrenaline Boost and Melee Tanker
Increased chance of Recruited NPCS to spawn in with a Kevlar vest

Zombie Boss Type is now selected at game start rather than when he's about to spawn. Depending on the boss type pre-selected for that round certain zombies can either start appearing or appear in more numbers from the very start of the round
zom_boss_shade_spawn variable is now treated as a percentage. Set to 1% on Hard from 0%. 5% Deadly from 10%, 10% apocalypse

Facility: One of the northern road zombie waypoints allows some zombies to go west along the northern road
Blockade: default zombies increased from 1425 to 1600
Errand: Increased default food required from 5 to 10. Increased max possible food required from 24 to 30.
Increased objective_quantity_extra_required difficulty setting. Hard 1->2, Deadly 2->4 Apocalypse, 3 >6

Black Market: Certain items in the Black Market can stack into a single slot. Certain items can only take up so many slots
Black Market: Regen Beacon and Rambo Wielding has now been moved to the free section. Rambo Wielding now bases its boost on the characters current dual wielding level
Black Market: Flame vest now regenerates its HP faster when standing in fire. It also no longer receives any bonus when standing in multiple flames
Black Market: Added Steel Armour item to free area
Black Market: Increased claw trap auto-resets from 2->4
Black Market: Gold Armour regenerates itself twice as fast
Black Market: Increased Orbital Strike explosion radius from 6->7
Black Market: Rambo Wielding FP cost increased from 60 to 80
Black Market: Reduced FP received when selling to a maximum percentage of 33% of original value instead of 50%
Black Market: ClawTraps can now be thrown a short distance


Increased Experimental Weapon unlock cost from 90->100 FP
New BYOND Member Feat: Target Prioritization. Allows players to set the target prioritization for the automatic targeting to prioritize certain zombies over others


Dropped weapons that are out of ammo now become transparent
Lava icon updated
Weapon shell effect


The shop menus now have keyboard support
Host choose map menu is no longer an HTML form and instead just a basic input
Added more possible keyboard binds and more control options for binding
Meat Decoy bind tries to use a meat decoy in the players inventory before trying to use leadership feat meat decoy
Various on screen HUD buttons highlight on mouse over
Throwing a single grenade no longer exits grenade throwing mode. Instead grenade throwing mode exits when the player is out of grenades or if right clicking on the screen
Player and Clan stats pages are now integrated into the shop menu


Creepers can always be passed by any other zombie, including other creepers
Volatile zombies can pass other zombies
Volatile, Shades, Death Totem and Cursed Stone cannot be stunned
Shade Boss “Summon Shade” “Summon Totem” ability takes longer to recharge
Added Hivus Zombie “grab” ability. Has a chance of grabbing a player and locking them in place for 5 seconds. Higher chances for Hivus to grab in harder difficulties. Hivus Boss also recieves this ability.


UZI/92FS no longer penalize accuracy when dual wielded
Reduced 92FS reload delay from 40 to 33
Reduced TMP reload delay from 30 to 26
Plasma Cannon experimental weapon explosion radius increased from 3 to 4
P90 accuracy slightly reduced at close range
UMP accuracy slightly increased at long range


Standardized most of the HUD to use a consistent font
Increased drawing layer for toxins and super toxins
Any feats which open up sub menus can be seen by spectators
NPCs which have a leader are allowed to heal other players that call for a medic, but they will not purposely walk towards their patient unless he is their current leader
Added new stat tracking: NPC and NPC Cyborg kills. Kills gained via these methods increases player kills obtained in the round.
Player owned turrets now increases the owners kill count for that round.
Cursed Stone and Death Totems can now be auto-targeted
NPCS following other NPCS will stop following if they're trying to get a weapon
NPCS won't follow other NPCS if they're trying to pickup a weapon
Player Spec/Join next status saved to client-side save file
Official servers can now upload scores to the BYOND HUB

Map Editor:

Removed zombie_quota and char_quota variable from message and switch turfs, just use look_zombies/look_chars only
Added goal_search_range variable to zombie waypoints. Set to -1 by default which means no change. Set to 0 to disable zombies looking for targets through walls. Set to 1 to enable targetting through walls
Added various variables to the “gamesettings” object to control each zombie types build up value. This is used to enable certain zombies to build up a certain amount of spawns before they actually start appearing so they effectively come in waves
Drop zone line/border turf and stairs merged into a single turf.


Added vote_map_cooldown_type, vote_map_cooldown_rounds host options. These are used to disable map voting until conditions are met. By default 1 round must be won before map voting becomes available
Added “objective_quantity_extra_required_players” difficulty option. increases objective amount per player by this number
Added incoming_multiplier_players difficulty option. Controls the amount of zombies that are added per player
Added: zom_volatile_ability_fuse difficulty option. Controls fuse delay for volatile zombie explosion. 2 is one second, 1 is half-second 0 is no delay.
Added several variables to the difficulty system which controls the resources gained by players dealing certain types of damage. Higher difficulties reduce the resources gained to slightly offset the increased HP the Zombies have on average

Help File:

Help file is no longer an HTML popup and is instead integrated into the shop menu.
Help file has more information about weapons such as DPS

Biocrisis Version 1.44. Uploaded 7th Jan 2015

Changed the way destroying breakables work. Now just 1 click (or press "Z") and the character will auto attack until the breakable is destroyed.
F1 now opens the help file.
Added new optional binds in the player controls menu, such as salvage turret and heal ally.
Improved how the use (E) key, oil siphon and reinforce feats work. It will now target in whatever is in the direction you walked in last, so that it is easier to interact with things while shooting.
Players can now type emotes in chat to perform them with /commands e.g: /laugh
Press TAB to view shop/feats page.

Fixed: medal title display issues
Fixed: Default keyboard controls weren't being created properly for new savefiles
Fixed: regen beacons not working when placed in maps
Fixed: various runtime errors.
Fixed: display issues with turret ammo counters.
Fixed: revived NPC AI.
Fixed: spectator view display issues.
Fixed: Grave kill explosion kills weren't being recorded
Fixed: menu display problems.

Deployable turrets now cost build points to deploy.
Map default barrels now grant rez and credit for kills when shot by a player.

Added salvager team lvl 2, which gains rez from kills made by npcs following your guard points.
Added real steel melee feat. Halves the durability use of weapons, doubling their lifespan.

Added 7 new medals.
Added: Visual progress bar in medal page

Updated and fixed up scientist character icons.
Gold, Steel and Mech armor now break into shrapnel when destroyed. Mech suit also has a small plasma explosion when destroyed.
Explosion layer increased to appear above players and zombies.
Volatile bosses now super expand when they die.
Landmines with a radius of 1 are now displayed as smaller landmine icons.

Added boarders around medals on medal page.
Slightly moved the feat page "Buy" and "Prev/Next" buttons.
Key binds for feats are now displayed over their icons on the player HUD. These bind displays are updated every round.
Improved display of round statistics.

Volatiles have a greater chance for a super explosion on Apocalypse difficulty.

Improved flamethrower to hit enemies that are on the same tile as the player.

Slightly improved web client support across the board
Altered host option to track medals offline.

Map Editor:
Resources nodes can now de/activate zombie spawns
Added in objective type important documents. Has icon override for custom map icons.
Added new turf type that can be assigned unique icons.
Added new custom information stand that can have unique icons
Streamlined weapon variables and added them to the map editor including weapon default settings
Resource nodes can now spawn turrets
Added NPC waypoints

Added new host option: server_web_client_save_preferences. When set to 1 web clients will have their personal preferences (such as controls and sound options) saved to the server as a seperate savefile.
Added in host option server_siphon_friendly_barrels. When set to 0 it stops players from siphoning other player barrels.
Changed admin chat shortcut from / to %

Help File:
Updated help file

Biocrisis Version 1.43D. Uploaded 11th March 2014

Added Biocrisis.exe downloadable files on overview page.

Increased Mech Suit cost from 22 to 25 FP.
Increased Bonus Experimental cost from 32 to 35 FP.

Fixed: Host admin options wern't being given by default properly
Fixed: Small minor issue with rotating guts would sometimes not rotate correctly
Fixed: Possible memory leaks
Fixed: Incoming resource animation had the wrong Y offset
Fixed: Guard Point level wasn't shown in peoples feats list
Fixed: AK47 rifle would appear in weapon breakdown lists twice
Fixed: Detox Nuke wasn't giving any resources for the kills it was getting for the owner.
Fixed: While still connecting to the HUB it was possible to open the medals page while it was still getting medal data and then switch page which would show some of the medals page on any other page once it had recieved the data.
Fixed: A couple runtime errors
Fixed: Zombies spawned via summon abilities were invisible.
Fixed: Swarm Missile Launcher missiles were not properly recalculating targets when current target was dead.
Fixed: Was possible sometimes depending on circumstance for various projectiles (including swarmer missiles) to end up on the same tile as the target and not detonating.

Reduced the flickering effect on various HUD menus.

Added a new controls configuration page for custom keybinds. Access it via the toolbar: Options > Config Controls or via the player option/personal configuration page.
Guard Point feat will show yellow outline overlay when it's active.

Increased update speed of KPM stat
zom_self_resurrect now acts as a HP multiplier, each time a zombie ressurects the health multiplier is added/removed to a zombie.
When boss quantity is higher than 1 the game will no longer spawn a boss as soon as the previous boss is killed.
Base HP multipliers for various zombie types are now exposed to the difficulties file.

Several game host setting variables have been moved to the difficulty files:
Zombies hp multipliers

Added Admin_Readme.html, which contains information on admins.txt settings.
Admin chat message colours are now exposed to the admins.txt file.

Biocrisis Version 1.43C. Uploaded 10th January 2014

Fixed some medals not awarding correctly.
Fixed some medal progress not displaying correctly.
Fixed being unable to dissect dead volatiles.
The round start sound now plays correctly for spectators.
Fixed projectile pathfinding after a target is lost before it reaches it.
Fixed memory leaks.

Buffed rocket launcher damage from 80 to 150 damage.
Rebalanced turrets. Light turrets now do more dps and are better at mid-short ranges, but carry much less ammo.
Medium Turrets are now slightly more powerful and are designed for longer ranges with large ammo reserves.
Cannon turrets range increased from 8 to 9.
Heavy turret hp increased from 35 to 40hp.

Flamethrower fire projectile now goes directly for current target and continues to pass through until it has moved max distance.

Blockade's light turret count has been reduced due to recent turret buffs.

Light turrets have a new icon.

Added in user ability to clear their medal title.
Added host option to run the server in offline mode. (Prevents connection to Byond Hub)

Biocrisis Version 1.43B. Uploaded 8th January 2014

Fixed zombie spore pods.
Fixed sync problems with airstrike missiles.
Fixed some medal tracking bugs.
Fixed NPC following overlay display problems when re-assigning them to follow you from something else.
Fixed NPC follow movement.
Hidden medals now update properly when you open your Medals list.
Fixed +rez overlay information display sync issues.

Added in spectator on/off option to toggle being able to see through walls. (Eye icon button)
Added in private message chat shortcut. Simply type a "@" symbol followed by the player name and a space before your message. e.g: @Wanabe This update took long enough to come out thanks to your KFC consumption.

Added in chat shortcut. As an admin, just type the "/" slash before your text.

Biocrisis Version 1.43. Uploaded 7th January 2014

Oil, Explosive and Toxin barrels can now be tipped over by left clicking them when beside them. This makes it so players can walk past them. (Zombies can pass them too) They can be clicked again to be put upright again.

Zomborg boss can no longer shoot while dead.
Re-aligned "Join Now" and "Self Revive" buttons to display in the middle properly.
Fixed some runtime errors.
Corpse mowers AI fixed, so they don't look like they teleport anymore.
Several small performance optimizations.

Buffed Kevlar Vest, Flame vest and Steel Suit by +5hp.
made light turret rez income gen slightly higher

Dodge passive skill has been buffed. Each Dodge level up increases the chance and the minimum hp needed for it to occur.
Added Melee Tanker, Melee Stun, Adrenaline Boost, Quick Recovery, Guard Point and Reinforced Armor feats. See the help file for more information.

Blood, Zombies, Fire, Toxins and Shrapnel that are despawning now have a fade out effect.
Volatiles now have an inflation effect when about to explode.
Zombie energy shield ability now changes alpha depending on how damaged it is.
Weapons de/re spawning now fade out/in.
All blood has a slightly random alpha when it's created.
Zombies now fade into existance when spawning.
Players glow red/green as they take damage/heal.
Almost all weapons, items, schrapnel, litter, blood and guts despawn with a fade out effect.
Added new blood and guts, which uses a new system so more damage done per hit = more blood.
Blood, guts, limbs and schrapnel now use the new effects system to spin and fade.
New HUD effect shows when a Medal is earned. (Icon and sound from AZA.MedalLib)
Added new prisoner character icons.
Other animations such as supply drops and thrown grenades use the new animation effects system.

The game now displays a HUD message when a player has unlocked a new character icon.
Added in a new stats icon.
Feats tree now shows if a Feat is Passive (always on/auto) or Active (Needs to be manually activated) via P and A symbols.
Added in player options to toggle player names, titles and clan names.
Added in player option to toggle round start alert sound.

Fixed up some sound volume inconsistencies.

Volatiles now inflate before detonating, giving players a chance to escape.
Volatiles now have a chance (based on difficulty) to over-inflate for a double size blast if they get to detonate without being shot.
Added new Infernal Blaze zombie. It is a minion that only spawns if the Infernal Boss is on the map.
- Blazes can use a flame-dash, which makes them move fast and through objects and players alike, damaging them while leaving hellfire.
Added new Infernal Creeper. Creates hellfire on death.

Swarmer missile launcher weapon can now spawn on some maps.
Buffed miniguns, Heavy Turrets and Cyborg Miniguns to deal additional spread/splash damage.

Added in about 100 Medals to the game. Players can unlock character icons and Feat Points by earning Medals. View them via medals HUD button.
Players can assign medals as their title for others to see.

Cyborg allies can now get swarmer missile launcher arms.
Game now tracks new player stats such as kills from the grave (Grave Kills), Toilet uses, Damage done to boss and healing done per round.
Game now tracks specific weapon kills on the player, server and per clan basis.

Added new host options regarding gore settings.
Added difficulty options specifying extra recharge time for zombie moves and also the chance for volatiles to super-inflate

Help File:
Added new enemies to help file.
Added new feat information.

Biocrisis Version 1.42B - 2nd March 2013

"Super Boss" black market item now works on all difficulties.

Clan messages about creation etc come up under system area properly now.
Improved game stability.
Male Pyrotech icon will now be unlocked properly as soon as earned.
Shades no longer sometimes spawn inactive.

0.5 points are gained per objective retrieved.
1 points gained to the team when all objectives have been retrieved. (0.5 to dead players)
Players that have played a game and died will now get half the map win bonus.
Most feats will stop recharging while the owner of the feat is dead.

Death Totem and Cursed Stones now have melee attack states.

Game will now display when someone unlocks a new icon from feat unlocks.
Game now displays on the HUD next to the join button how many spawn points are left.

Beep sound when communicating with other players. This can be turned on/off in player options.

Cursed stone and Death Totem now spawns shades on all difficulties.

Flamethrower demoted to Super Weapon from Experimental Weapon

Players can now see their remaining Subscription time on their stats page/s. Only the player can see their own time.
Black market no longer requires normal difficulty and up for free items.
Server Stats will now keep track of how many games have been won and what difficulties they have been won on.
Server tracker and Clans now tracks how many times a map has been played and the top killer of that map.
Player stats now track maps played and top kills on each map.

New difficulty customization system which allows people to adjust and add new difficulties balance.
Improved host options.
Server admin logging improved.

Biocrisis Version 1.42 - 9th Feburary 2013

Anti Toxins now strongly counters toxins.
Players can now join game in progress if spawn points are not overrun.
Players now have limited lives and respawn. (0 By default, host can change this.)
Player's target reticle now displays in a color representing the accuracy at that range.
e.g if chance to hit at that range is high, it will display a green target crosshair or red if low.
Clicking now works more reliably while holding down shoot. Throwing grenades/airstrikes etc especially benefits.
Added in new Clan system.
Clans keep track of members and their clan kills
Clan members can store feat points within the clan to give to others within the clan.
Use clan chat by typing // at the start of chat.
Clan noticeboard feature.

Many optimizations applied to improve overall performance.
Tweaked shotgun reload sound effect timing.
Corpse mower can now pass through zombies and vise versa.
Feats now only recharge if the owner is logged in to the game.
Fixed possible server crash if theres not enough maps to add to the vote map list.
Improved round cleanup (faster return to lobby)
Savefiles can no longer be saved during world reboot to help prevent data corruption.

Feat points are now gained 50% faster.
Picked up weapons now respawn much faster.
Prices of some high end feats changed.
Prices and quantities of black market items changed.
Gate cost increased from 180 to 200.
Players are now allowed to earn rez points in decimals below 1.0 resources.
Human AI more likely to use grenades and keep their distance as more zombies are within their view.
Health dispensers now recharge faster.
Selling items in BM can at max only return 50% of the point value

Reduced anti-toxin resource multiplier from 0.30 to 0.10.
Air Strike resource cost increased from 180 to 220.
Napalm Strike resource cost increased from 475 to 550
Reduced Rez cost of Light Turrets from 500 to 400
Reduced Rez cost of Medium Turrets from 1000 to 900
Increased Heavy turrets HP from 30 to 35

Added the powerful new detox nuke missile feat. Harmless to humans.
Added in salvager team passive feat. Any npcs/cyborgs following you will earn you rez for kills.
All air strikes have +2 more range than grenades.
Heal ally now recharges faster and can store larger charges at max level. +1 Level added.
Kamakaze will now destroy the player corpse.
Hearty corpse level 2 added. Zombies will now go for all of your guts if any is spilled upon death.
Spelunker ability rez bonus improved from 10% to 25%.

Added multiple new gut strands for different zombie types when their bodies are crushed by doors.
New guts added.
Slightly reduced the brightness of some turfs.
Male Scientist player icon's goggles now have a lighter blue glow.
Fixed the vital bucket of chicken litter icon so that it appears.
New eat emote.

Added kills per minute on the HUD.
Improved black market and feats page interfaces.
All Stat() panel items are now displayed on the HUD.
Zombie hud kill messages will no longer mention if the zombie that killed the player is currently dead.
5 top killers are displayed on system hud area.

Optimized sound channels to utilize Byond sound improvements.

New evil future enemies: Meta Creeper, Light Zomborg and Heavy Zomborg.
- Zomborgs regenerate and have evil orb arm guns.
All bosses now have passive HP regeneration ability.
Some bosses have new abilities!
Added a big, bad new boss. Only appears on Deadly difficulty or higher.

Shotguns now do even more damage at point blank.
Shotgun max range reduced by 1.
New super weapon: Swarmer Missile Launcher - Shoots many small missiles at once, cannot hurt humans.
Picking up ammo while dual wielding will now provide ammo to each weapon in an alternating fashion.
Rifles are generally more accurate now and better at long range.
M14 and AK47 now have unique ammo types
Smaller smgs such as tmp and Uzi now shoot faster but do slightly less damage.
Smgs now start with more ammo.
Melee weapons now have 80% Accuracy rather than 50%.
Increased Rocket Launcher range from 6 to 8.

Some small changes made to maps to balance difficulty.

Proper CustomMap support now in game.
If numlock is on the game will still accept commands as if it was off.
New trash can breakable. Sometimes drops old food.
Toilets now recharge faster. Yay!
New BYOND Member players starting feat points increased from 100 to 200.
New KJ Sub players starting feat points increased from 300 to 500.
Corpsemower spilled guts will now act as decoys for zombies to eat.

Added in HUD based admin command system.
Added in Admin whitelist feature, specify keys that are allowed to join the server.
Host options now saved to a .txt file and renamed all the host option variable names to make more sense.
Now possible in game to save different host file presets and load/edit them.
Added many new host variables to change.
Bans are now saved to the Admin.txt file.
Host added admins are now stored in the Admins.txt file.

Help File:
New weapons, enemies and feats added to help file.

Version: Beta 1.40B - 11th December 2011

Game name changed to "Biocrisis" from "Biohazard"

Some runtime errors/minor bugs fixed.
Various optimizations.
Fixed landmines.

Slab Boss HP buffed.
Toxin is now fired a little more strategically.
Volatile boss now has life leach.
Boss life leech ability now stronger.
Increased most bosses' minimum hp.
Super and Slab bosses do more damage to breakables.
Napalmstrike now takes longer to charge and costs +25 rez more.
Increased point bonus for reviving a team mate.

Added engineer feat: Increased max build points.
Player supply drops are now only visible to the owner for 8 seconds after breaking the crate open.

Updated game interface.
Changes and additions to death message icons.

Certain Death Totems can now respawn.
Volatile Boss now bleeds toxins based on damage taken rather than hits taken.
Ghasts now have a 75% chance to drop a toxin when they die. (Ghast Boss included.)
Super Boss & Volatile boss explosion now also creates super toxins.

Alpine rad cannon is now a random experimental weapon spawn.
Zombie swarm initiates 1 minute faster on Errand.
some tweaks done to Bunker2 top left area.

Added in statistic for Zomborg bosses killed.
BYOND Members now gain feat points 10% faster. This bonus can stack with KJ SUB +25% Bonus. (Total +35% more)

Added a couple more tools.

Version: Beta 1.40 - 15th September 2011

Fixed runtimes.
Fixed some bugs.
Performance updates.
Fixed some exploits.

Accuracy feat is now a 2.5% modifier per level on the currently wielded weapons accuracy. This balances the acc bonus around all weapon types better.

Increased cannon turret resource cost from 1,250 to 1,400.
Increased cannon turret build point cost from 400 to 450
Reduced heavy turret build point cost from 700 to 650

Heal ally will now autoface and heal an nearby ally if there is only 1 nearby ally to heal. This makes it easier to heal a moving ally.
oil siphon will autoface an oil drum if only one is nearby.
Reinforce will now autoface a reinforcable object if only one is nearby.
Reinforce can now be leveled up to level 3. higher level reinforce has higher hp, recharges faster and is more cost-effective.
Players can now reinforce the same object again if the reinforcing breaks off.

New HUD display interface.
Added new HUD overlay for chat. Can be turned on/off in player options.
Font size of several text outputs reduced from 4 to 3 to reduce the amount of system message space it uses.

Player skeletons to help find ally corpses.
Gut Strands.
When preparing to throw a grenade or fire an airstrike, the hud greys over areas outside of throwing range.
Top killers and end game stats are now visible by clicking a link that appears at the end of a round.

Many buttons in the interface now make a confirmation sound when pressed.

Volatile boss toxin bleed chance doubled.
Bosses with the stomp ability will use it more often.
Added new life leach ability for all bosses. When charged and they attack they gain some HP back.
Superboss can no longer have his limbs blown off.
Zombies with Leap will no longer use it if their target is only 1 tile away or less.

Added new experimental weapon.
Heavy repeater now fires double shots.
Plasma cannon damage increased.

Buffed minigun: accuracy increased.
damage increased +50%

Increased M14s range from 6 to 7.

Made some fixes on some maps.
New maps:
- Frontier
- Complex

Added WASD controls.

Vote map and diff system now appears in a new window to vote.
Players can click on player names in the alive/spec area to view their stats.

Improved automute anti spam system.

Help File:
Feats page now colour codes byond member/sub feats in blue and sub only in green.

Version: 1.36B - 27th April 2011

Changed the "Heal self" (With medkit/food) hotkey to "H"
- Note: The "H" function will use the least wastefull heal item first. (e.g if you are only 3hp short of full health, it will make you use food before a medkit.)
The emote "Medic" remains on the "M" key.

Applied auto reboot system to prevent the server bogging down and not saving correctly.
Fixed some runtimes.
Minor performance improvements.

Lowered damage done by ally fire.
Increased time until friendly flames hurt others.

Added a "No ammo" display on the weapon ammo HUD when out of ammo.

Boss now always enters swarm mode if any other zombies do.
Infernal boss now reacts violently to fire exposure. See for yourself!

Added new map: DeadZone
Facility is now more swarm mode friendly.

Target beacons and supply drop now get named after who created them.
NPCs are a little smarter with picking up weapons and melee weapons.

Improved general management.

Help File:
Updated info on new "Heal Self" Hotkey for using medkits with "H".

Version: Beta 1.36 - 3rd April 2011

Core explode time increased from 2 seconds to 5 and it plays an electrical sound effect warning of the explosion.
Human AI:
- No longer fear anti toxins.
- No longer enter insane melee frenzies.
- Will no longer throw a grenade in a location that could hurt themselves.

Fixed multiple bugs.
Optimized game performance.

Cannon turrets now cannot be placed within 1 tile of another cannon turret.
Revived players arn't noticed by the zombies for 4 seconds.
Lowered the chance of super boss spawning

Added 2 new levels to recruit. Adds a chance for a medic ally and vested ally.
Changed some feat point costs.
New Feat: Rally:
- Heals all allies around the player. See help file for more information.
New Feat: Reinforce:
- Adds more defenses onto windows, doors, barricades and crates etc.

New dissect feat icon.
Flying rock shrapnel.
Improved gut and shrapnel flying effects.

Further improved all zombie hp on harder difficulties.
Increased cursed stone HP.

Improved M14 damage by 20%.
Spas 12 shotgun spread damage increased from 50% to 75%. Damage increased slightly.
Improved flamethrower range by 1. Increased fire chance.

Added swarm mode to several maps, swarming small amounts.
New map: Compound: A swarm mode oriented map with lots of defenses.
Castle1 has had a layout change.

Player ignore lists are now saved.
Added in "feat usage breakdown" on player stats.
This shows how many times a player has used their feats since this update.

Help File:
Improved layout on some pages.
Added new information for new feats.
Added Server Rules section.

Version: Beta 1.35 - 18th February 2011

Added server setting to allow players to walk through eachother.
- can be turned on/off or set for certain server populations.

Weapon auto-reload is now always on by default.
After a certain ammount of time on some maps, zombies enter Swarm mode / Search and destroy mode, hunting down players more directly.

Player savefiles no longer save if they havn't got any career kills.
- This is so if a file does not load, it will not override the save with nothing.
- If you log in with no feats or kills etc, log out, wait 30 seconds and join again to see if it loads.

Players with corrupted savefiles should be able to join the game without being kicked out immediately.
Fixed some revival glitches.
Dead NPCs will no longer sometimes call for medics.
Spectators no longer continue to spectate a player while in the lobby.


Kamakaze explosion no longer hurts other players, but their fire still will, so be careful.
Player owned fires now do not hurt friendlies for the first 3 seconds, giving them time to escape.
Doubled the feat point bonus for healing other players.
Resource dispensors no longer give out resources when destroyed.


Napalm strike recharge rate increased from 1 minute 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Cost increased from 400 to 450 RP. Napalm strike starts half charged.


When mousing over feats you own, the bottom left output now shows their resource (REZ) and build point costs.
Fixed minor visual layer issues with landmines.
Some maps can now have weather effects. Currently Tundra has snow.

Added in a new Boss. Discover what it is!
- Beware! He is immune to fire.

Certain bosses are now much more resistant or even immune to having their limbs blown off.
When there is less than 10 zombies on the map, bosses spawned afterwards gain +1000HP
Headless bosses can now see further than before, but still slightly less than with a head.
Hivus and Ghast bosses can now see slightly further.
Cursed Stone/Death Totem's evil orbs now have +1 range.

Map tweaks: The following maps have had minor balance changes.
- Alpine: Zombies should attack top right mor effectively.
- Village: Spawn points are more spread out, zombies spawn more gradually. (Slower than before)
- Errand: After a certain ammount of time, zombies enter Swarm mode/ Search and destroy mode, hunting down players more directly.
- Cave: Slightly new zombie routes waypointed.

New map: Tundra. Defend the snow village from zombies out in the wintery wastes.


Spectators can now see the HUD of the player thay are watching.
KJ subs can stay on the server 3X as long before getting auto kicked.


Host option: Gamesettings can have an additional hpperplayer and hpbonus to the Boss.

Optimized admin logging system.
Added an antispam mute/kick system.

Version: Beta 1.34B - 22nd October 2010


Removed some debugging message outputs.


Difficulty now effects the chance of a super boss appearing. Easy he is disabled on Hard and up he has a higher chance of appearing.
Food items have had their HP Bonuses changed.
Increased player health when they are revived.


Average kills per game stat is no longer kills/deaths it's now kills/gamesplayed.
Players can now push "M" to call for a medic while dead.
Ghasts now have light teal blood
Added options menu to interface
Winning/Lose message displays difficulty that the round was played in.

Version: Beta 1.34 - 15th October 2010


Added difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, Hard, Deadly and Apocalypse.
- Added "Vote Difficulty" button for players.
- Difficulty affects zombie health, amount of zombies incoming and on map at once and survival feat point bonuses.

Added Resource nodes:
- Players deposit resources into resource nodes to activate multiple functions.
- Nodes may activate a cyborg, call in a supply drop, open locked bulkheads and more.

Added new cyborg allies:
- Players must deposit resources into a resource node near them to activate them.
- Currently found on the map: "Central"
- Cyborgs dual wield a rifle arm and a shotgun arm, have a lot of HP and explode when they are destroyed.
- They move slowly and cannot be pushed like other npcs.

Added new super weapon ammo box. Very rare on some maps and can sometimes be found in supply drops.

Added new objective game mode:
- System messages window shows objective goal and completion progress.
- Players must find specific items and return it to the drop zone. (Marked with a black and yellow marked boarder and signs)
- Completing the objective is not necessary, but if completed it sets the zombie incoming quantity to 0.


Several bugs and glitches fixed and game performance slightly improved.
Fixed a bug that caused the shallows turf to permanently slow players if they walked onto a gate or door while walking on shallows.
When unlocked, Napalm strike now shows as level 1 in a player's feat list, rather than 0.
Fixed: Airstrike was recieving extra missiles per level from napalm strike rather then airstrike level.
Fixed: Lobby spawn point error.
Activating kamakaze in advance in the lobby now actually works for the next round.
Fixed melee attack delays.
Salvaging a turret now refreshes the players HUD correctly (ungraying over now buildable turrets etc).
0 damage weapons no longer cause enemy to bleed.


Items are more likely to appear from supply drops, just as much as weapons.

Heavy Turrets can not be placed within 2 tiles of another Heavy turret that is owned by another


Feat unlock menu now shows how much points each feat costs.
Player's feat screen now shows feats that only have 1 level as "Level 1" instead of "Unlocked"
Weapon hoarder level 1 is now a feat accessable for everyone. This allows for dual wielding uzis and for byond members dual wielding TMPS.
Revive ally's max level is now 3.
Many feats have had their point costs altered slightly.
Colt Construction is now Pistol Construction and can be leveled up twice. Level 1 enables construction of 92FS, Level 2 enables construction of Colt.
Constructed colt starter ammo raised from 4 to 5.
Colt/92 Construction have a 60 second cooldown between use.
Oil Fire&Muster can be leveled up 3 times. Added limitation per round on how many can be placed. +10 on both per level.

New breakables: Pipes.
- Pipes may contain oil or toxins when broken.
- CANNOT be broken with human melee. Only explosives and grenades can remove them.

New Hedge Icon
Multiple new carpet icons
Added MaleAgent3 character icon variant. Has slightly more tanned skin than Maleagent1.

- Spec Next/Join buttons now moved down one space and stay on HUD during a game.
- Removed old "Build Points" Hud "button". Old Spec/Join buttons in lobby removed.


Changing ambiance music volume will now update instantly.


Added Death Totem. A weaker minion of the cursed stone. They are basically a zombie's version of a turret.
- They have been added to some maps, old and new.

Volatile boss now bleeds even more toxin when damaged.
Slab boss now charges more often.
Super boss now shoots more toxin but his speed boost is not as fast.
Regular Boss & Super Boss have new stomp ability, which is used to damage nearby breakables.


Added new weapons as shown below. See in-game Help File -> Weapons for more info.
Chainsaw: A messy melee weapon that can shred zombies all at once if stacked on the same tile. Great for scampers and creep swarms, as well as singled-out zombies.
Magnum: A powerful pistol that is the stronger but slower cousin to the Deagle.
New Experimental weapon: Heavy Repeater. The name mostly explains it. Try it out and see! (Subscriber feat "Experimental Weapons" Required.)

Plasma Cannon reload delay decreased from 10 seconds to 4 seconds.
Plasma Cannon spare ammo increased from 8 to 10


Made several minor balance changes and fixes to some maps.

- Medium scale changes made to this map to make it more challenging for players.
- The cavern is now connected to the main cave base.

- A smallish map where zombies eventually attack from both sides.
- Contains new featues such as resource nodes, cyborgs and new weapons.

- A new objective-based map. Players must find food and return it to the drop zone. (Marked with a black and yellow marked boarder and signs)
- Completing the objective is not necessary, but if completed it sets the very high incoming quantity of zombies to 0.


Dropped resources now include commas in the quantity displayed. (eg instead of 1000 it shows 1,000)
Added a dividing line in the spectator list, dividing players and locations in an easier to read format.
Some maps can now have zombies pass through eachother in some "traffic jams" more efficiently.
Player stats now track which difficulty they have survived on.
Added food items. They can be taken to drop zones on objective maps or eaten for a minor HP boost.


Added new admin testing commands.
Logs file now records events (Team kills, kicks, bans etc.) in an easier-to-search format.
Login counter now shows peak players logged in during the last 24 hours.
Admin events are broadcasted to other admins on the server.

Help File:

Added information about new weapons.
Added information about how much feat costs increase by each level.
Added information about new death totem enemies.

Version: Beta 1.33 - 25th April


A new lobby system has been added. Players can now...
- hang out in the lobby until the next map loads.
- unlock feats between games.
- check player stats between games.
- change player icon real-time between rounds.
- feats such as kamakaze can be activated before a round begins.

Game view distance increased from 5 to 6.
Most weapon ranges increased from 5 to 6.
When corpse mowers explode from being full, they now mysteriously send resources to its owner.
The super boss is now more likely to appear when there is almost no zombies left on the map. This is only possible when there is 5 or more players in-game.


Improved game efficiency in some areas.
Fixed 2 black screen bugs.
When dual wielding, weapons now appear to fire individually correctly.

Human AI Fixes:
- AI allies will now follow commanders through doors better.
- Pathfinding around hedges and hazardus obstacles is now improved.

Non-3D sound is now playing at correct volumes.


There is now a half a second delay before spawned fire and toxin will harm players.
Fire now does a little less damage to humans.

Resourcefulness now only discounts resource costs for "construction" type feats such as: gates/cannons/light turrets/grenades, etc.
Rocket Launcher/RadCannon's explosion no longer hurts the person firing it. RL flames still hurt, though.


Revive feat level 3 added. Revive Feat Point cost reduced.

Dual weilding feat now has 3 levels, enabling different weapons for dual weilding each level:
- Lvl1 is available for everyone and grants access to dual wield uzi/92fs
- Lvl2 is available for members/subs and grants access to dual wield colt/tmp
- Lvl3 is available for subs and grants access to dual wield deagle.

Added a tip message for using the heal ally feat correctly.


Added new automatic reload emote for all humans and players.
Game area view size increased from 5 to 6.
Dirt and cliff icons colours updated.
Zombie blood colour has been darkened so it looks less like hawiian punch.
Slabs now have harmless dark green blood.
Player and Boss name fonts have been updated for easier visibility.


Many sounds updated/added:
- Many weapons have updated firing sfx.
- Breakable breaking noises updated, more variations added.

Zombie moans are now a little quieter and less frequent.


Zombie's "target" now needs to be in view before they can attack. This means they cannot attack diagonally through a wall you cannot see them past.
Reduced slab charge damage to humans from 3 to 2 per "hit"
When there is almost no zombies left, boss zombies will spawn with a bonus to their HP. The super boss also has an extra chance to appear if there is 5 or more players.
Lowered Super Boss' Min HP from 5000 to 3000.


Added new experimental weapon: Plasma Cannon

Sniper Rifle:
- Max ammo reduced from 8 to 4.
- Reload speed improved from 10 seconds to 4 seconds. Overall result makes it fire more often with less total reload time.


New Lobby map added.
Most maps zombie incoming numbers tweaked for difficulty
Some experimental weapon spawn points now spawn a random experimental weapon, rather than only one type.

Fortress waypoints updated to flank much better outside of the main fortress.
Facility waypoints updated to flank better.


Added in super boss arrival server statistic.
The game now shows a reward message for bonus feat points earned after surviving certain maps.
Added some more death messages.


Several login tracking features added.
AFK players can now be auto kicked after a specified ammount of time.

Added the new "Player Average Kills" setting for zombie incoming-per-player scaling.

Help File:

Added direct links to the forums and sub pages on the main help file screen.
Air Support feat tree is now displayed on a player's stat page when unlocked.
Dual weilding feat's information updated regarding changes.

Version: Beta 1.32 - 27th March 2010


Zombie bumpcode modified. Instead of eventually suiciding, they simply walk through each other. Result is less congestion in "traffic jams."


Revamped accuracy system:
- It now takes into account base accuracy, optimal range and modifiers for below and above the optimal range.
- Generally shotguns are best at close range, smgs for medium and rifles for long range.
- Damage for most weapons is slightly increased to balance out new accuracy system.
- Dual wielding now has a minor penalty to accuracy. -18% modifier is placed on base accuracy% of each weapon. This averages out to about 5% less accuracy.

Reduced light turret ammo from 900 to 800
Reduced medium turret ammo from 1000 to 900

Raised heavy turret resource cost from 1410 to 1500
Raised medium turret resource cost from 930 to 1000
Raised light turret resource cost from 475 to 500

Reduced flame resource gain multiplier from 0.5 to 0.3
Flamethrower no longer does damage to breakables (flame will still burn down burnable objects, however)


Added new supply drop feat. Byond members and Bio Subscribers can unlock this feat.
Added new Airstrike and Napalm strike feats. Subscriber only.


Bookshelf new has multiple damage states and 10hp, instead of 1hp.
Turrets now have a new "ammo remaining" indicator
Added 1 more guts effect.
Guts now has a chance to spew out from corpses that are dissected.

NPC Ally AI:

- With grenades now throw them strategicly, avoiding damage to breakables when possible.
- With commander feat will do the "follow me" emote for other NPCS to join them.
- With 2 or more weapons will now equip the weapon they deem "better."
- Will now follow their leader even while shooting.
- Will now immediately heal allies when called for while shooting zombies. They will also emote positively when they have healed someone.
- Following a character will now stop running around frantically when they are close to their leader.


Bosses now gain +5 hp per npc and turret on the map when they spawn.
Slabs will now charge less often and will not always have it fully charged if out of battle for too long.


New map added: Alpine

Random weapon spawns added to a few maps.
Bunker has a larger centre area and more ammo etc.
Prison's left area building is redone for difficulty.
Boss now spawns a little earlier on some maps.
All maps have been given point rewards for surviving players. (Except Bootcamp). Reward varies depending on the map.
All maps have had their zombies per player reduced slightly.
Castle2 - King Rotanos can now have 2 body guards following him.
Facility's waypoints tweaked. Zombies cover more ground/flank more areas better.


Overall game performance improved.
Log in/out message shown in system messages now as well as communications.
Lowered default value for 'autotimenextmap' var from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.
When a player dies, stacked items will drop properly.


Server player limit:
- Admins now ignore the server player limit.
- KJ sanctum subscribers now have bonus player slots, set by the host. This means subscribers may log into full servers up to a certain amount.
- Login counter now shows current hour in 24 hour session.

Help File:

Increased pixel size of help pages to 500x600 from 400x600.
Rewritten weapons page and now contains new information about each weapon in relation to the new accuracy system.
Standardized most help pages. Now have better standard fonts/layouts.

Beta 1.31 - 23rd February 2010


Fixed: "This server's player population is full! /list/15" (Radman)
Fixed: Charge no longer damages opened bulkheads.
Fixed: Zombie super boss limbs are no longer added twice to his limbs list.
Fixed: Game never returning to lobby under some circumstances.
Fixed a few runtimes.


Added admin ability to edit MOTD file remotely.
Added admin ability to create/edit/delete map rotation files.
Host can now assign a custom hub server message that appears on the world.status page.
World.status formatted better.
Game now counts logins/unique logins so the host can see the information.


Raised subscriber starting points from 150 to 200.
Playerchat now outputs player icon to the left of their name.
Health dispensors now have display error messages if it is empty or the user is at full HP.
Server stats page formatted better.
Players will now recieve the Sub/Member bonus even if they have a savefile on the server already.
Kill/death ratio renamed to Average kills per game
Boss arrival and death messages are also shown in communications window.


Increased crossbow damage from 12 to 14.
Increased M14 damage from 8 to 10 and reduced spare mags from 6 to 5.
Increased M4A1 accuracy from 40% to 55%
Increased AK47 accuracy from 30% to 40%
Recruit resource point cost reduced from 180 to 120.
Increased constructed colt ammo from 2 to 4
Slabs now take 20% of the damage they deal to breakables when they charge through them.


Bunker 1:
- Decreased zombies per player from 145 to 135
- Increased zombies alive from 100 to 120.
- Increased zombie muster time.
- Changed waypointing on left road so the zombies from the bottom will flank the middle area from the south
- Increased muster time
- Reduced initial zombies

Beta 1.30B


Facility right side spawns&waypoints spread out more evenly.


Forced reboot/shutdown option added for admins

Version 1.30


Fixed doors sometimes being destroyed but yet their opacity was still set to one.
Broken formatting on tips page in the help file.


Player status grid is much more responsive.


Labs updated waypoints go to the top left more so and spawns are located there now.
Facility: Fixed some non breakable fences and replaced with barricades.
Raised max zombies at a time on Facility from 250 to 275
Labs top right core now has death message.
Made some unintended breakable walls non-breakable in Bootcamp.
More breakable walls in Hotel.

Version: Beta 1.29 - 24th December 2009


Added antispam cooldown time to map voting.
Removed "H" keyboard shortcut for bringing up help file. It was just annoying.


Cannon turret's explosives longer hurts friendlies, but can still ignite nearby oil.
Recruit feat changes: - There is now a 30 second recharge time between uses.
- Recruit cost is now 180 resources instead of 50.
- Recruit can no longer go over max allies set in a map. If the map default npc count is 12 or less, then the amount allowed is 12.
Afk players can be walked through by other humans.
If the last living player is afk for more than 10 minutes, he is auto-killed.


Fixed: Players killed by slab charge now have relevant death messages as intended.
Oil fire can now be placed on broken walls and other broken flame proof objects.
Fixed large waypointing flaw on Bunker2 which would cause a massive zombie traffic jam.
Added in custom zombie waypoint override for teleports, in case zombies accidentally enter them.


Slab's charge ability now takes longer to recharge.
Hivus Boss can now summon creeps even when incoming zombies has reached zero.
Adjusted chances of the Super Boss appearing. A small chance is possible at 10 players and chances increase if more players are alive in game.


Slab Boss head has an animation when charging.
Volatile Boss body has a few toxic spots on him to make him easier to identify.
Added in metal shrapnel for breaking bulkheads.
Shotgun turret now has a new icon.
Ghast and Volatile bosses now alternate between sniper and melee attack modes at random.


All error messages now appear in a yellow font, to make them easily recognizeable
Certain breakables such as Reactor cores now show a message when destroyed, saying who destroyed it. Hero npcs also have this.
Game version # is now displayed in the top right of the interface.


Tweaked incoming zombies per player on all maps.
Increased prep time on Gridlock
Bootcamp zombies now go through the Condos
Flamethrower has been added to several maps.
Bunker2 now has a return teleport from the arms room.
Fixed a minor waypoint error in Facility.
Added safety/danger lights to Fortress teleport doors.

Help File:

Updated tips page.

Version Beta 1.28C


Fixed "kill breakdown" html page popping up whenever voting on a map.

Version Beta 1.28B

The unselected join button on the HUD screen in the lobby no longer flashes.
Fixed nuclear exploding meat decoys.

Left/right weapon HUD icon changed to be more understandable.

Version: Beta 1.28 - 9th December 2009


New melee weapon: Sledgehammer. A slow and powerful melee weapon that can kill multiple zombies on one tile.
Gun turret fire rates now malfunction when damaged.
Added flamethrower experimental weapon. Players must have the “Experimental Weapons” Feat to pick it up and use it.


Hitpoints, armour, resource points, build points and current weapon ammo is now displayed along the top and left of the hud area.
Ammo bars represent ammo remaining for both left and right handed weapons.
Current kills are now displayed in the top right of the game area.


Policeman icon is now available. Players must have the fitness level 2 feat to access it.
Breakables now have small pieces of shrapnel fall off when damaged and destroyed. Host has the option to turn this on/off.
Guts remain on the ground longer.
Added new boss zombie icons.
Rocket launcher turret fireing state icon.


Wooden objects now have a breaking sound effect.
Stomping sound effect for charging slabs.


Slab zombies can now use a “Charge” ability sometimes. This allows them to plough through barricades and trample humans.
Boss zombie now comes in different flavours based on existing zombie types. Each form has different powerful abilities. It is up to players to see what form it is.
Added new Super Boss zombie that has a change to appear when 15 or more players are alive at once at time of spawning.


Reloading exploit fixed.
Fixed icon glitch with hivus and slab when using abilities.
Fixed pixel offsets for blood so it looks more spread around.Boss will now be forced to spawn when current zombies is zero. Game now ends properly if boss zombie is last zombie killed to win.NPCS will ignore experimental weapons when looking for a new weapon to equip.
Dead players can no longer pickup resources.


Rockets’ chance of flames per tile around it decreased from 25% to 20%.

Map changes:

Applied sledgehammer to several maps
Added flamethrower to some maps
Fortress: Changed waypoints so Zombies now flank the centre warzone from above more effectively.
Village: Waypoints altered to attack the bottom left corner better, player spawns placed better.
Cave: Waypoints and spawn points altered to increase effectiveness.
Some maps have had their default incoming zombie counts increased by about 100-200 or so.

Help file:
Slab information updated detailing charge ability.
Boss zombie information updated detailing new forms.
New weapons added to weapons section.


Specific kills breakdown now has its own page linked from a player’s stat page, showing specific zombie type kills achieved.
Added more random names for npcs.
Improved overall game performance and breakables system now uses less server CPU.Adding admins to temp admin list can now be done by entering their key.

Beta 1.27C - Uploaded 25th October 2009

Map Fixes:

Gridlock&Bunker2 had some errors fixed which caused zombies to pile up and get through their paths slow.

Beta 1.27B


Thrown meat decoys now decay within 10 seconds of landing

Beta 1.27 - 17th October 2009


In certain circumstances you could drop a weapon and it would still appear on the onscreen HUD inventory. Then you could rightclick it on your inventory and make it teleport to you from anywhere in the game.
Fixed a couple runtimes


Cave zombies per player increased from 180 to 200
Increased incoming zombies on Bunker2 and widened the final stand hallway.
Added missing spec spawn to Gauntlet


Added golden armour and assigned it to King Rotanos in Castle2
Added in throw meat decoy feat
Added in dodge feat.
Lowered all HUD Y location down by one so the character inventory is not on the screen in the way in certain circumstances.
Item Dispensers when destroyed if they have a single charge left they will drop one of their items.
Added in the ability to change the map streching behaviour via the interface.

Beta 1.26 - 11th October 2009


Fixed a few runtimes.


Default incoming and incoming zombies per player has been increased to restore challenge to the following maps:
Bunker2, Labs, Gridlock, Caves and Checkpoints.

Tweaked Blockade's breakable walls.

Updated Gauntlet:
main base has had a slight extension in size
added in medic npc

Updated Gridlock: zombies will now navigate from the south area into the main base better


Tweaked oil barrel quantity per round from 15/20/25 to 10/15/20

Human AI:

Human NPCS will now try to pick up guns when zombies are nearby them instead of huddling in corners and going into melee frenzies.
Human AI better at avoiding toxins/flames when they are engaging a zombie.


"Dead" breakables are no longer interactable.
Multiple emote/overlays that represent "status" of a player no longer overlap and cancel each other out.
Turret ammo display overlays layer has risen to be MOB_LAYER+1 meaning it shouldn't hide underneath things as much.
Right clicking your character resource display will now drop all your resources.
Landmines when moused over display their explosion radius.
Added multiple levels to "build medikit" feat. Usable 3/6/9 times per level accordingly.
Mute/Unmute is now "Ignore/Unignore"
Join message is now bolded.
Updated a few entries in the help file.

Beta 1.25 9th October 2009
Some issues have been noticed and addressed.


Infinite resource point exploit.
Fixed castle2 being unwinnable.
Fixed uuber lag (server would freeze) when multiple explosions would set off massive chain reactions.
Fixed scientist icon (whoops diddn't flip the attack state)


Tweaks to Facility.


Updated slime&Acid icons
New destroyed state for bookshelf.
Updated the destroyed states on multiple containers/dispensors.

Version Beta 1.24 - 8th October 2009

Features/New Content:
Added in multiple item dispensers:
Grenade, mine, resource, vest and blade dispensors

Varying changes made to all maps. Some more than others.
New maps:
Gridlock (Large map)
Gauntlet (Small map)

Added in prototype weapon training feat. Used to pickup and fire experimental weapons.
Grenade Construction, Oil Barrel & Mine construction now can only be used a limited amount per round.
Revive ally can now be leveled up to 2 (allows two revives per round)
Grenade, Oil Barrel & Mine construction can now be leveled up to 3 to increase max to build per round.

Armor now changes its name to display its HP value when moused over.
Player status when clicked now displays current HP. Same applies for turrets, showing "DURA" for durability.
Added "view player info" button to interface.

Boss minimum HP increased from 350 to 400.
Boss HP per player increased from 200 to 250.
Oil barrel cost increased from 220 to 250 resources.
Spas shotgun spread reduced from 5 targets to a maximum of 2.
Spas shotgun spread damage no longer spreads to corpses
Spas shotgun damage increased from 6 damage to 7 damage.
Crossbow damage increased from 9 to 12.
Light Turret BP cost increased from 205 to 215
Medium Turret BP cost increased from 255 to 265.

Fixed: Weapons that reload each "ammo/bullet" can no longer shoot *while* reloading.
Fixed: Guns would continue to reload when you swapped to a different weapon.
Fixed: Exploit with build points allowing you to build turrets, die then respawn with default build points.
Fixed: Multiple null variable runtimes
Fixed: Hivus' parts will still remain while it is summoning instead of disapearing.

3 New player icons to choose from. (2 are subscriber only)
Updated ammo box icon.

Added in the first experimental weapon.
Shotgun has been buffed. (see balances above)