by Magicsofa
A Tragedy of Science
I have been rather silent for the last couple months, and I must admit that during and after the holidays I barely did any work on Phloem.

However that has recently changed with a burst of motivation and I'm back in action! I really don't want to lose my steam on this and I'm getting pretty close to completion, so I figured I'd light a small fire under my own ass and shoot for a release date of February 26!

When I made my original submission for the BYOND 500, this was essentially a 14-level bare-bones demo. As of now it features...

- 50 challenging levels
- Tons of secrets to find
- 3 different endings
- A bunch of new obstacles such as exploding barrels, pushable boxes, lasers, teleporters, and more!

So there you have it, 12 days from now this puppy will be ready to roll...but for now check out some screenies:

This is definitely cool to see, and I'm looking forward to playing!
You got me at '50 challenging levels', I can't wait for this.
Well of course I have missed my little deadline, mainly because my two days off work were spent doing other things :P But I am still making progress, and I'm shooting for next Tuesday. Now I just gotta stop reading the forums...
:|... -assumptions cut short- any more news you can give on this? :o

Edit: Actually thought i'd already commented on this before, i definitely remember opening this post, but to echo similar sentiments to the guys above, the awaited update seems to be quite promising, and i am quite interested in playing this (in the not too far future :P).
Hey there! Alright, well I was sort of avoiding making any more updates because I don't want to set any more release dates and then miss them. I've had a pretty big change happen in my personal life, basically my S/O moved 4 hours away and I sort of dropped everything to apply for jobs so that I could move as well (and to cry about it like a huge baby). Anyway, the dust has settled from that, and I'm probably not gonna move, so I am back on track with this project.

Thanks a lot for your interest, it is vital motivation for me! As I said I will not set a date anymore but I can promise you that it will be done in the near future. I would even go so far as to say it's 98% complete!
Heh, that's good to hear.
Also thanks for the info, and it's no problem, understandable to prefer not having a set date, so as long as you're keeping on, it's all good :D.
Alight so it's only 4 months late or whatever....better late than never right? Go to the HUB!