The World of Roleplay

by Cottle88
The World of Roleplay
Come join a Fantastic Rp game.
Hello sorry to bother you but i was dc and now i can not reconnect.Can someone tell me what is going on please i just posted a rp for KoV as well.
every time i try to connect i just get a connecting msg and nothing happens.
I am Glad the Shell Server Will be Getting Calibrated so it can save our progress as we go, I am Waiting for the Game to be Brought up and i am Eager to play!
Here's a link to the Official Website Forums for anyone who doesn't Know where to find it
I reall like this game and its not up anymore please bring it back.

Yes i agree with Paul this is now one of my favorite games on BYOND and i really want to play it please bring it back soon!
Save corruption >.>
Bring it back!
Is it down or ?
The shell sever is down I think because I'm unable to connect to the actual server.
Hmm :O Suggestions ?