Heya all, so yet another philosophy thread for you lot.

So i was thinking after some discussions with a small group of friends that like to be able to see the name of objects they mouseover. Now the general place they see that is obviously in the statusbar.

But i was thinking would using client screen and a text outputter (dmifontsplus) to output the name of moused over objects would be better.


p.s. Also any thoughts on my banking thread also welcome as it also has no posts D:.

On screen objects are slow, interface would be better: child with grid appearing somewhere in corner or etc.
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Hmm true true.

well i intend to have a child under my map that contains my chat and possible a small stats windows. so i could add in a lil label there to be updated on mouseover i guess as oppposed to screen objects.

Even though screen objects are slow i want to use client screen for outputting a trade screen and a bank screen as opposed to using the interface despite it being faster and cleaner. mainly because i want to avoid popups in my game entirely.
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I like the idea midget, however ripiz would kinda be right.