Allo all.

So after fiddling around with stuff and looking into other various things ive only just recently realized (stupidly i may add) that when using skills as an object inside the mob (aka Skillcards) they cannot be macroed using the oldbie style of going into options and messages.

so with that in mind i was thinking that the easiest way to proceed would be to make everything thats a verb and what not be contained as an object aswell such as guild chatting, ooc chat, admin commands etc.

Then my next concern was how i would go about making these things macroable as if it was the old style just better i guess. so im guessing the only approach here would be to make a visual grid based keyboard inside the interface and then have a list that governs what key executes what on the keyboard.

Could someone explain this in more depth and possibly provide some insight. (P.S. I have gone to resources and searched for macros in there and have viewed the sources available).
Midgetbuster wrote:
(...)how i would go about making (...)macro(...)s (...) better

When a developer is unsure on a certain feature or functionality, it is often a smart idea to review the competition. Take any professional first person shooter that you've played in the last few years and see how it solved the problem of keyboard layout. Then consider why they were taking this router and if a similar approach could prove beneficial for your game as well.

As for the games I played, they all had a list of possible actions and I could select a key (combination) to trigger this action.

Recreating something like this is most certainly possible in BYOND (I'd list the action-key pairs in the main browser element that is embedded in the main window child element, then capture the key events after the customer clicked on the respective pair, validate the combination in JavaScript and send the key combination to BYOND where is is created as new macro n the fly and saved in the customer's files).