Heya all, After fiddling with a character creation screen countless times and unable to make up my mind for the most part i thought heck why not asking in the forum for thoughts and what not.

So yeah this as you can see is a very rough mockup, code outputs the hair colours, hairs and bases to a grid and whatnot which you can easily see.

Anyway what i want to ask is what you guys think should be changed and what not so that i can make a good character create screen

EDIT: As per the next few posts ill give a little bit of a detail, (This is a non GFXed non finished WIP).

The "Two Sliders" you see are basically for a "Mafia Family" and a "Attribute" the naked peoples are your bases :o then hairs a preview box, hair colours and eventually eye colours.
Wow, i guess the design philosophy isnt really a hot spot for talk lol oh well its not like it really matters just thought some outside opinions were a good idea.

Either way.

V2 Char Create Small Changes
1. Moved the logo boxes into the larger boxes
2. Made the "Skins" box smaller and be arranged on the left hand side better
3. Added eyes and the ability to change them.
4. Added directional arrows to the preview :)

Further improvements and possible placement changes always welcomed :)
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take tis to the art society... the people here are not very creative :)
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Lol for some reason i kind of got that feeling o.o
What are Vongola and Sky supposed to be?

This interface seems to be pretty lackluster. You have a lot of space that's relatively untouched or empty and not really displaying any information or interaction.

It would look considerably better if you had less empty space. Either find something meaningful to put in there or make the whole thing smaller.

Are you going to give us other details to customize, like facial details or physical build? What about some other character stuff, like race or class (if they apply)?
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Hmm yeah i should of added a quick blurb about that lol.


Family what you see as "Vongola" is basically their village that you see in all the naruto rips and what not.
Affinity is kind of like their element and some skills are based off it and what not.

Then you got you a graphical base select that shows you all the bases
Same with hair.
Then you get a bar with a bunch of predefined hair colours with a RGB hair colour also and then to top it off for more customizability eye colours.
Looks quite standard-ish for BYOND. But better than dialog boxes ^^

I'd say it's missing some text, for example, I don't know what for those colors are, what those heads or naked people doing on my screen.