Dragonball WWA

by Critical172
A new DBZ game
hi is it coming back up or no?
no one wanted the game to stay up,i asked for donations and no one donated
can u open the game? psl pls pls
:_( when is the game coming back??
In response to Mek97
sadly, I don't think it is. This is a great game but crit (the dev) barely logs on anymore. :/
He decided to kill the game completely because he lacked donations, which is pretty stupid considering the game went in and out of hiatus so many times that the player base itself declined over time, expecting donation money to keep the server running from an uncertain player base isn't something a person should do. The best thing he could have done was at least give someone who had the funds to do it the chance to properly host this game. Since he clearly doesn't want anything to do with it anymore.
In response to Zeraxus
He didn't put the guy up to hosting the server though.
If possible can the owner of DBWWA source, compress it and make it public to byond, or we talk business about possession and ownership of DBWWA.
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