Roleplay Hub

by Crazah
Roleplay Hub
A platform for handling any roleplay or tabletop adventure, no hosting required!
What is Roleplay Hub?

Roleplay Hub is a platform for roleplay. It allows users to create an
online role playing environment for themselves and friends.
A variety of tools allow players to play out any adventure
in their imagination - a la classic tabletop style. Whether you're interested in playing out your favorite tabletop adventure, or roleplaying stylistically with your buddies, Roleplay Hub is BYOND's greatest environment for your roleplaying needs.

Development Team:

Programmer: Crazah
Design Input: Seteden
Design Input: Humbled

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* Priority lobby listing
* Access to fully integrated and customizable maps with full dynamic lighting support
* The ability to customize and create tokens for use in your lobby's map
* An increased maximum number of players on your server
* A customizable lobby logo, to display in the listings
* Your servers will never decay, so long as your sub is active
* And finally, a token next to your name in all chat!

Server needs a reboot or new host, can't seen to connect as every attempt turns to Connecting...failed. I'd hate to see this die. :(
This is the best RP game setup on BYOND that I have had and I hope there will be some sort of post on the host files so mmy friends and I may be able to play privately.
Why not just make a private lobby?
Can't make a lobby if the game isn't up.
But why private? Make it public and hope it will attract more players to RPH when it's up, I'd hate to see this die, I would hate to see it die because of a horrible RP Setup that still exists within the hands of it's tyrannical not-owners.
Crazah please check your messages.