Roleplay Hub

by Crazah
Roleplay Hub
A platform for handling any roleplay or tabletop adventure, no hosting required!
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Status: Resolved (1.1)

This issue has been resolved.
As it stands, when you create a character you can assign them a set of images to swap between different 'playbys / face images'. Naturally this does the job for multiple expressions, I suppose, but the way you use them individually is a bit whacked in that you have to select the character and then hit Next Playby to swap between the images. Maybe open a small window to quickly click on an image or something?

Also, this part should probably be in Bug Reports, but apparently I put in three playby images, yet the Next Playby option only swapped between the latter-added two of the three and refused to swap back to the first until after I deleted the two. So yeah.
Crazah resolved issue with message:
The latest build now sports a menu to manage all your character's playbys.