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Preset layouts and image guidelines have been added.
Applies to:User Interface
Status: Resolved (1.11)

This issue has been resolved.
Two small ideas easily implemented, a preset-layout feature when editing server layout settings for quicker setup if someone wants one to fit a certain theme or for an example of a Layout of themes. Not a big priority but helpful to those who don't know much about setting up layouts or need suggestions on what a good layout looks like.

The Reccomended Image sizes is somthing to be said when changing the image of somthing, like before choosing a server logo; before windows explorer pops up a dialog box says the reccomended size like "It's reccomended to use a 32X32 Image or Icon to avoid resize issues.". This should also apply to server bannars and playbys which can make a simple crop job less tedius.

Two simple ones but I can come up with more.
Crazah resolved issue with message:
Preset layouts and image guidelines have been added in v1.11.