Roleplay Hub

by Crazah
Roleplay Hub
A platform for handling any roleplay or tabletop adventure, no hosting required!
Applies to:Administrator Tools
Status: Open

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Before I explain it, let me get one thing out first. No custm sounds for this feature for the sake of cache.

The administrator soundboard is a soundboard of sound effects oyu choose from to play to whoever is in the lobby, this adds atmosphere and pretty vital for certain roleplays. The sounds obviously as the name states, can only be played by admins and to be safe add an anti-spam delay and if vital, players can click the R next to the mssage to replay it to themself, for example...

The sound of a heavy gunshot (R) has been played to the lobby

This can be ideal for mystery/horror Roleplays and perhaps others with a generic set of sound effects, if you accept this idea I also request you add in sounds from the ace attorny series but only neccicary courtroom sounds.

If the player doesn't want to hear the sound sthey can simply turn off BYOND Sounds.