Roleplay Hub

by Crazah
Roleplay Hub
A platform for handling any roleplay or tabletop adventure, no hosting required!

Roleplay Hub - v1.11!

  • Changed embed codes around on the jukebox to support iframes.
  • Fixed an issue where using the jukebox would cause freezing issues.
  • Fixed an issue where playercounts were not being reported correctly.
  • Increased the upper bound on the amount of lighting effects allowed in the world, this should fix several errors that have been reported.
  • An error that failed to connect lobbies with their subscribed founders has been corrected.
  • Made it impossible for users to add someone who was part of their block list.
  • Users are now aware when their message has not been recieved in messenger.
  • Fixed an error where lobby messages were not being output correctly to IC and OOC chats.
  • Streamlined pieces of lobby handling so joining and exiting lobbies is smoother.
  • Shifted the lobby display around to support better readability.
  • Newly joined players will now see a logfile of roleplays that have gone on within a reasonable timespan.
  • Fixed an issue where chat emoticons were unescaping HTML.
  • Added emoticons to the in-game messenger.
  • Fixed a bug where the lobby list wasn't being updated after a lobby was deleted.
  • Added whitelists to lobby configuration.
  • Fixed an error where some text was being
  • output to the wrong interface element.
  • Fixed an issue where dice were randomized on output, rather than when being rolled.
  • Added pre-arranged layouts
  • When select an image, you'll be shown appropriate guidelines for it's size. (32x32,64x64..etc).