A few questions in this one..

Question One:
So ive been playing with the "style sheet" thing in DM.. so i make my script file and put in the
Long answer:

That's just the way it is. Defining style sheets through client.script or script files only affect the style of the default output control. Looking back, before skins were introduced, there were no "other output controls". The interface was consisted of only 1 output control, 1 info, 1 browser and 1 map, just like the current default skin.

When BYOND V4 was released, custom skins were made possible. The style parameter and the macro controls superseded script files.

Just like you already did, you have to manually edit other output controls' style through the skin editor or through the winset proc (look up the skin reference) if you want to change them.

Short answer:

That's just the way it is.
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Dang, thats just a pain in the ass then isnt it lol whats the point of a style sheet then haha ><.

Would there be any way to i dunno link the style sheet to a browser output aswell as those other outputs.

Im mainly interested in the browser otherwise ill probs just have to redefine it cause the browser holds upwards of 5 links per display beside an atom. so id like to make it look decent considering its a custom right click menu.
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The answer is pretty much obvious. You have to do it like how you do it in HTML.
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i know i know :p. Just though i could try a skimp it somehow by linking it.. Guess not so re defining it is.. No biggy

Thanks for the help anyway