Heya guys, before you post please read the entire thread just so we dont get any misunderstandings :D Thanks.

Okie, for the following thread everything is based on "chatting".

Alright so when your in the interface editor and you can set a command. if you don't type anything into the "text box" and hit enter the dialogue box still pops up. if you use
mob/verb/OOC(t as text)
if(!t) return
world << "[t]"
//most basic and most pointless ooc their is. but its for examples sake.

As most people know a simple bypass for it is to place this into the command line of the interface.

and voolah no annoying popup if you didnt enter any text

But i want players to be able to simply change between "chat types" with a click of a button above the input.

but my problem is it doesnt seem to want to change and allow the same functions.. so any ideas?

ive tried.
.winset "default_input.command=Say
.winset "default_input.command=Say"

Both with the same results. i know its something simple i bet but yea..


The only suggestion i have is that you use two input boxes, one for say and one for ooc. I do not know if this can be done, however, and i am not the most experienced coder.

Just a thought.
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I dont want 2 input boxes. if i wanted that id put it in there cause thats easy i want the same input box to do multiple functions.

Ive already got it doing the other verbs easily without any problem but i also want it to be able to be selected and if a player accidentally clicked it they can just hit enter to unselect it (using focus changers here).

Adding a second input box is not only pointless but completely offtrack of what i asked.

Thanks for posting though.
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check if the ID of the input is "default_input".

.winset "input_name.command=OOC"
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It already works at switching the commands that part is easy enough..

What i want it to do is when i click the button i want the default input (yes that is its name) to change to exactly as if you were entering it in as the hardcoded "Command" in the interface file.

When i have it hard typed in the interface file it will not send a message and refocus back to the map (using a simple if null command).

But if i click one of the 3 buttons (guild,say,ooc) if i type no message it will send me a popup.

I want to avoid this popup as if it was hardcoded into the interface. (you stated exactly what i already had posted in my first post)
Bugger. kind of a let down that their isnt any responses from some power users.

arr well cant win them all i guess
If I understand you correctly, you're wanting to fill out the text on the input control. The default command setting of the input control doesn't show up on the input line by default. If you place ! before the command BYOND will place the command on the input line.

winset(src, "input", {"command="!say ""})

Not sure if I answered your question, though.
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Your a legend.

Thanks man.

i just had to make it .winset and it works perfectly. Thanks so much :)