Naruto: Ninja Power

by Imantas2
Welcome To A Great Naruto Evolution Based Game!
what happened? o.o
Game is going down because it's really late where I live, sorry guys I just can't find a host :/
Game is gonna be coming back up tomorrow
hey yaku this is dub. Ive restarted my computer a few times and it keeps telling me that i have a connection failed. I dont know the reason of this but its irritating when i wanna train.....
how come this game is down ?
Hey I'm trying to get a version of this game back on its feet Squigs is currently hosting it the games called Naruto: Evolution come play!

- Hubbabubba/Khysarth Justin20990
Ima dead?
Hello everyone,

Thinking of reviving this game as well as the Land of Shinobi game that's under my creations. If anyone is interested in playing again or potentially working with me please reply to this and I'll get it sorted today.
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