Not really a How-To, but more of a is it possible. Let's say I save a client's mob to a buffer like so:

F["mob"] << mob

Would I be able to pull out individual variables with a loading proc? For example, let's say I have a variable called awesomeness_factor, could I read that value from a savefile created with the method above by doing this:

F["awesomeness_factor"] >> mob.awesomeness_factor

This way I wouldn't have to manually store the variables in their own buffers.

I'm planning on using a method like this to display a preview of the player's info before they load.
Yes, but you have to explicitly specify the savefile directory, which would be F["mob/.0/whatever"]

If you have multiple mobs in the same directory, then you'd change .0 to the index of the mob (ie: .1 for the second mob, .2 for the third).