Byond Metaverse Coalition

by Developous
Byond Metaverse Coalition
Hmm... progress is being done.
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A new age of gaming is emerging. Awaken to the reality between real life and gaming in this special siege game.

Will you be the one that brings real honor, discipline, truth, and justice to the gaming industry, or will you fall before your opponents here? Only time will tell!

Hazcorps - enter the new age! But beware how much you lack in discipline!

Progress Report:

Some headway, there's going to be a monthly war situation now. When I host, the fate of beyond will be decided by such.

Credits Due:

I forget who, but I'm deeply thankful for the graphics that I presently have in these games. If you wish to claim your nexpoint reward for this, just say so.

WAR is official. The byond admins don't care one iota. We will gladly pay 300,000 nex without diminishing returns to any game owner that requires the 'siege emblem' award just to play it.

The last weekend of each month will be known as 'judgment time' when all reckoning for the month involving the nexus will be held.

Violations and Principles:
We're in the process of negotiations. It's likely that it won't be in my favor(violating the nexian code of conduct). But the nexus will have no choice but judge them if they don't negotiate, and knowing the magnitude of their crimes, it definitely won't look pretty, I regret to say. But I'm fully aware that even this is dangerous ground.

{core P1} "It's not a lack of law and authority that makes anarchy and strife, but a lack of discipline and truth"
{core P2} "Justice backed with truth must not be opposed."
{core P3} "Never set a boundary on enjoyment. It's always an act of terrorism."
Permanent Bounty List:

Ter13 - For laying a trap on a gamer, and for disrespecting the nexus. Current bounty level is being negotiated. He clearly doesn't care as well, and has blocked me.

Keeth - A sworn enemy of the nexus movement, and even disrespects ME! His signature even goes directly against the core principles of the nexus! Is highly likely to try destroying the nexus if he's officially forced.

All Byond Admins - Byond is guilty of doing 3 acts of terrorism. The only way for this to be redeemed is for them to unconditionally surrender to the nexus. That will redeem them with the nexus system, but only this once.
I have a question. Is the {core P3} principle not contradictory? The Nexus itself seems to limit fun.
Only out of necessity. The basis of P3 is counter-terrorism.
The reason for the limitations is to prove how disciplined and/or wise a nexian is. We don't want them to over-strip their present accumulated reputation due to the fact that they may not have the proficiencies for their actions.
But know that it can accommodate just about any form of belief structure in it's composition. Yes, even chaotic evil (but let's pray hope that NEVER happens with a proficient game battler)