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Ok, After fucking around with datums for abit..

I ended up just using the hp datum thing from one of Lummox's guides and added a couple of random vars from my game.

After i stuffed around with it abit and no icon showing up (due to me forgetting to actually put a map file in -facepalm-) i got it to save properly and this is what i got.

First Save - without removing the dir.
31kb sav
41kb text (with the icon jibberish)

Second save - using f dir remove.
31kb sav
1kb text (with the entire "icon" thing removed)

All previous saves before icon was introduced turned a 1/1 for both saves and texts.

So im guessing pack it up and send it over to Lummox?
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Yes, upload the zip and file a detailed bug report.
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I notice in your bug report that you're using an old, outdated BYOND version (468, instead of 471).

I just tried a little test on my own and for me, removing the directory actually reduced the file size.

Try to run my test case and if you still get bad results, update your BYOND version.

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Attention Getting Post
Garthor, do you have any contact info or something I can use to get in contact with you?
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So i updated my version of BYOND because i originally thought that might of been the problem anyway and your test made me think. But there was no change in what was happening.

But yes, your demo works perfectly i even went and added more icons in their to test it further and it works a charm. but no avail on mine =\

Also i added the save thing im using for my game into that and ran it as an extension of what you have in that demo and it turns the same results as it does in my game.

So theirs prolly a high chance that somethings screwed sideways in it. =\

EDIT: Ok.. I did some further tests using Demos on saves.. and i have verified that the cause of the problem is that using
F["mob"] << mob

// and then having


Does in fact delete the directory but.. keeps a large file for whatever reason.

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I managed to track down the issue and filed a separate bug report to increase readability. I replied to your bug report with a link to mine.
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Thanks Snager and Garthor.

You both have been a great help (as usual) hopefully this will be my last help thread for abit (heres hoping).

And also hope this is resolved by the higher ups also ^_^
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