I am currently creating a game and am trying to avoid the usual run of the mill "On Map" character creation screens that so many games have.

In any case for the most part i have been looking into what i need to know for me to make my planned create screen work how i wish it to work.

My next question is how could you enable the interface to display a number of icon states from a .dmi to showcase a variety of hairs/bases and when there clicked they then save to the user.

I ran searches on this and i was returned with this post from awhile back (2 years) im not quite sure if this kind would still work being over 2 years and all but it uses multiple buttons by the looks of things and i thought id check if there was an alternative. Possibly grids?

Not quite sure but if anyone has any knowledge how this could be obtained it would be grateful. Thanks.

Ill also continue to forum search to see if i can find it, but help is always welcomed.
Wow, it was tough trying to find an answer for this!

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Well maybe you should go through those results for me and find what exactly you find relevant to helping me on this cause i pretty much looked at all those threads and found no "real" solution with the exception of maybe this ( forum/?id=731998&view=1&display=1)

but there are not many responses in that thread two to be precise of him even confirming that it works, or if there is a easier solution so yea by all means be a smartass all you like.
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var/icon/I = 'blah.dmi'
var/x = 1
for(var/state in icon_states(I))
var/obj/O = new()
// To protect it from the garbage collector:
some_external_list += O
O.icon = I
O.icon_state = state
src << output(O, "grid1:1,[x]")
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Thanks Garthor, I think i found a similar code to that also.

but thanks anyway.