Heya All, I got a question regarding save files, ive read most the top "save file" guides such as Nadrews how to on save files aswell as Lummox Jr's pitfalls of save files.. Both make for a good read so i suggest any newbies reading this to head over there and read them (honestly you will learn)

Ok with that out of the way i would like to know how someone can save verbs into the save file so that they may then be pulled up at a later date. EG: A player has chosen a specific skill set (and the skill set is of another mob for storage) how can you get it to save so on load those verbs are then given back to the player

Hopefully what im asking is clear enough to understand
The forum search yields, like so often, the reply you are seeking.
A simple search for author:Garthor (in order to ensure quality response) and the words 'save' and 'verbs' turns up exactly what you were looking for... [link].
The problem is, like with most anything programming related, there are multiple ways of implementing a design decision (and Garthors reply actually hints at some problems that might arise when choosing one method over another).
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Thanks Snager, yeah sorry i forgot to run my search :( the drawback of having a long tiresome day studying for final Diploma stuff.

But Thanks none the less