Heya all you advanced developers out there or possible new coders who may find a interest in any responses that i may get (heres hoping)

EDIT: Apparently i didn't really define what i wanted so yeah, if anyone can make out what im trying to say by all means go at it otherwise ill prolly just edit this in the morning or something to be more descriptive.

Im currently developing a game id probally say im an intermediate coding wise. Anyways my problem is this.

I want to make a character creation screen that doesn't use lists instead it uses images and buttons to create a character.

hopefully this image loads.

Anyway as you can it has 3 fields.. one for village one for clan and one for spec aswell as buttons to actually create character properties such as hair and what not.

What i wish to know is how can someone recreate a similar type thing, and if there are any guides etc that you could point me towards if so

PS: my game aint naruto based cause theres enough of them anyway lol its just the basis of a char create i liked
Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help me with this.
Easiest way probably Interface :)
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Any specific way in which i could do that though.

i know how to make interfaces etc like using a child and multiple panes to set up the windows themselves but other then that yea
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Still stumped on how to make the interface i desire.

Surprised that no one has offered any help other then Snager. who suggest browser and what not :(

So yea any other takers for this ?
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Midgetbuster wrote:
Surprised that no one has offered any help (...)

The reason would likely be the contradicting information you provide.

Midgetbuster wrote:
i know how to make interfaces (...)

Midgetbuster wrote:
Still stumped on how to make the interface i desire.

As such, people won't know where you are stumbling.
The (ugly) way Shinobi of Legend copied is basically the most trivial interface interaction imaginable, as you can see when looking at it's skin file(s). A window called Creation, which contains several labels and buttons, which are set during run-time, according to the parameters explained in the skin reference. Since there is a rather nice tutorial on working with the interface editor by Lummox JR, your suggestion on being an intermediate programmer with decent knowledge on handling interfaces leads to the conclusion that you just don't want to tackle on the implementation yourself. And this is the point where nobody is going to help you, unless you hire (Animé related link) somebody.

Midgetbuster wrote:
Snager. who suggest browser

Indeed. I'm a very strange person, lacking any sense of reality. I still believe that games should provide the best visual appeal and quality the framework allows, even if that means a bit more work for the developer. I'm just dumb like that, sorry.
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I never said you were dum like that for suggesting browser, TBH i think if its put in right would work wonders but as you said to me over the pager it requires Javescript, CSS and HTML.

I have some knowledge in creating detailed CSS fields, rusty html from my high school years and no Javascript knowledge hence the browser option pretty much becomes something unattainable without hiring someone.

As for your reference to Lummox, Naturally i would go there i do search and as i also stated over the pager im determined to learn the coding and what not myself instead of having people "Tackle it for me" doing it that way means no learning process for me and is pretty much pointless