by Stephen001
A configurable logging library in the style of log4j
log4dm is a configurable logging library, with a number of different supported output formats.

Your log messages can be recorded at different levels, FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG or TRACE. Through code or at runtime, you can adjust the level of log messages actually recorded to your outputs, or turn off logging entirely.

The currently supported outputs are:

daily log file

With the following available formatting:

Plain text
Wouldn't it be best to use switch() instead of multiple if() statements?
I just saved about 12 hours of making a decent logging system before I realized - why not search for it first? Thanks, Stephen! :)
Hey Stephen, Not sure how often you check git so I figured I will post it here. I sent a pull request on this to add SQLite as an optional storage. Please let me know if you've got any concerns with it. I also want to look at adding mysql sometime down the road.