Server Manager

by Fushimi
Server Manager is a tool developed to automatically update your game without having to bother in shutting down and using ftp to your shell, or even locally.
Hello there, fellow developers, today I am going to try and explain to you what Server Manager is capable of doing.

It is not a lot in the end, but it is better than not having any resort to handle a game crash, don't you think?

1. Server Manager, hosting made easy:
One of the sole purposes of Server Manager is to handle as many servers as your machine supports, and not only handle them, but do it efficiently.

Server Manager does everything it is supposed to, so is Hosting a game, shutting it down, rebooting it...
Even on these simple things Server Manager is prepared to impress you.

One of the latest v2.1 builds brought up a way of interaction between the server and the host, or SM and your game in this scenario. Said that, when SM is told to shutdown your game, a topic call is sent to the game, this topic is 'sm_shutdown', 'sm_reboot', and in the case that the shutdown is due to an Update, the topic call will be 'sm_update' instead.

2. Updating my games with no effort:
One of the pluses SM has, is the fact that it allows you to use a web-server as a 'cloud'.
You can, for instance, use, and upload your updated game files there, and program Server Manager to do the update, the day you believe it is better to.

Or you can just update it automatically the very moment you upload them, or even manually.

All of this information can be found on the '_readme.txt' file on the distribution of Server Manager, this file also appears when you open server manager. (Can configure it so it won't show).

Or you can also head to the official wiki: