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Problem description:
Not really sure which topic section to post this in, but i've taken a pretty decent break from byond and DM and i don't even remember the first thing about coding cause i still in the process of learning it when things came up. So i was just wondering how to get back to the baby steps and which tutorials and demos are actually worth looking at and studying as well as any other free resources i can look into to make a game i'm proud to call mine. Any help at all would be great guys! thanks!
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mob/Login() world << "hi"
XD ok maybe not that
How long of a break did you even take? Super Saiyan X gave you the best starting from scratch example.

He had four votes and I gave him the fifth, making it the best.

Anywho, simply a Login system would be perfect.

Depending on the game genre is the next step.

Setting up variables for an RPG would be a good start, maybe a good AI and/or battle system?

If it is a turn-based game, how about starting out with the phases of the turn, like rolling a die or placing some cards??

Seriously, I've taken 2-3 years away from BYOND and still know as much as I did. I rarely use PHP and yet could still write a good PHP script. It's like riding a bicycle.

My suggestion to you is reread the DMGUIDE as it'll be the best source of refreshments, if that's truly what you need, otherwise it'll benefit you with new knowledge.
As suggested, you should focus on reading the DM Guide. Afterwards if you're unsure where to go from there, take a look at Your First World.