[Bleach] Shinzui V2

by Albro1
The much-needed overhaul of [Bleach] Shinzui.
Cthulh (Zhug) disappeared from the BYOND world a while back, and I recently chose to take over in his stead. I have been hosting [Bleach] Shinzui and doing bug fixes on it, but the reason I was not working on any big changes was because of this.

Before Zhug left, he had a project that he was working on - Shinzui V2, an overhaul of V1. V1 was getting old and clunky and was essentially outdated. V2 is a new, better version. He shared some of his ideas for V2, but kept even more under wraps. Because of this I have had to take quite a few liberties when making this, but I intend to use my knowledge and expertise to make this game a good one.

At the moment it is still in its testing stages, so I encourage you to "Fan" the game so that you can see when it comes online for tests! I will be posting in the Shinzui threads as well as this one when I am planning a test. I really encourage you to be there and give me feedback, help me squash bugs, and even suggest your own ideas! I will view everything and take ideas into consideration!
A test will be run very shortly!
Just wondering, how is everything coming along?
dude I cant wait to see how good its gonna be when your done. I bet its gonna be so awesome!
I've been a bit preoccupied lately so progress has been slower, but it is still in development!
well n problem ill be supporting this game till the end of time XD
hey, Albro I wanted to ask you a few questions if u don't mind. Do you think you might be able to message me?
I wanna plaaaayy bleach shiiiiinzuiiiii plzzzzzzz