Interface Commands

by Kidpaddle45
A little library that shows you how to create custom alerts,switch,input with fading animations.


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Another good library, unfortunately I can't think of a way I could really use it so I can't give any feedback sooo....COMMENT!~
I think it could be used for afk checks after a player stops moving for a while. Just a thought.
Of course, a simple "You have been marked as AFK." would work, and would make the system of AFK's look much cleaner.
After thinking it could also be used for, maybe world reboots(and anything about the world obby)? How could you ignore that window.

Either way the uses are as endless as long as you have information that usually pops-up on screen or is posted in an output somewhere.

Wondering if you want to take a look at updating this into an actual library with me? I think it has potential and I've got some ideas to modify it.
You can do a LOT more with a decent Interface Library than AFK checking. Think about the type of information that needs to be displayed in your game and think of all the possible ways you could display it to the player and which methods are more effective for what kind of data.