The Resource Repository is a collection of our best developer articles. Sometimes I update it, but it's hard to tell what gets added so here's a changelog!

Additionally, if you feel that an article is missing, or have an article in mind that you'd like to see added please feel free to bring it up in this thread (or drop me a message on the pager)!
Changelog for 8/18/2014
  • Added four articles by Nadrew (Nadrew's How-To's series).
  • Added three articles by Unknown Person (Programming & Designing Browser Interfaces series).
  • Added six articles by Ter13 (Saving the World and Snippet Sunday series).
Changelog for 7/6/2015
  • Added the rest of Ter13's Snippet Sunday articles.
  • Added some new articles by Lummox JR.
  • Added an article by Xirre.
  • Removed some stuff that I had commented out, because HTML comments are broken on the website now.
Changelog for 12/26/2015
Changelog for 2/16/2023
  • Phew, been awhile, hasn't it?
  • We were missing a fair few of Ter13's snippets that were pointed out to me, so those are now up to date.
  • Added Color matrix tips by Lummox JR
  • There's likely many more changes we need to make to this list since it was last changed back in 2015, so I'm going to come up with a series of changes that might need to be made and look into them.