Hey all, in addition to updating Phloem with music, I decided I need to get better at making videos. So here is my first recent attempt at a trailer. Please check it out, and tell me what you think!

Watch it on youtube cuz it's better than the embedded player...

Also, if you haven't played the game yet you oughta click here
Not bad.

I think the text is a bit hard to read because of the style though, but maybe it's just me.
Yeah I agree. The quality is also affected by the fact that I recorded at the wrong size...I should probably re-record the source material
I shared the trailer, but I'm not a Facebook friend whore, so I don't think many people'll see it. It looks good, though.
Magicsofa wrote:
Watch it on youtube cuz I need that adsense money...

I'll make you a full-sized gameplay tomorrow bby. Just wait for me, mmkay?
Okay. :D
I'll have to post-pone it until after I finish this game project. Remind me on the 21st.