Trick or Treaters Attack

by Neo Berserker
Trick or Treaters Attack
Little halloween game.
"wasd" to move.
"mouse" to aim and shoot.
"space" to pause.
"1,2,3,4" to change bullet type.

Megablaze designed and programmed.
Neob did art and other random stuff.
Song: Ghost_rave:
Some sound effects:
Newer version is up, Megablaze fixed a bunch of bugs/glitches.
This game feels really smooth and plays nicely. While it declares it's self as a round-type game, it feels empty of competition. Sure, you've got 4 different types of "bullets", and you have to make sure you don't run out of ammo, and the trick or treaters are chasing you all along, but that feels like a basic zombie game.

Don't get me wrong, this being a basic zombie game would work out really well if you added some more maps, weapons, and small features. I dunno, that's my opinion anyways.

Good work so far ^^
In response to Konlet
Thanks for the comments. The basic design was just a simple survival game, I just wanted to have a little mini-game out for halloween. However, we didn't make it in time for that, and we decided to clean things up a bit and add a few other things, so it ends up looking better than it should. We'll probably add some more stuff, give the game a bit more substance.