A text based Fairytail roleplaying game. Only one of its kind.
Major Update: "Unicycling on Tightropes" is being pushed today some time in the afternoon(EST). It will involve several fixes and a few new features, and will hopefully see a much more stable game!


When will it be back up?
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Perfect Form wrote:
When will it be back up?

It's back up right now, and hopefully stays that way! We had issues with the host, and we're hoping they're all resolved up and the games ready to go.
Is there a issue with the host?
Where did the server go? It was up a coupple weeks ago and then just dissappeared.
A combination of hosting issues, lack of communal support, and worldly incidents among the development team has put the Earthland project on hiatus. Sorry guys.

Alright so! New hosting! Game's up, hopefully it will stay that way!

Can public hosting be allowed?